SAP Business One, the foundation for your business operations

SAP Business One is the ideal ERP solution for SMEs. One system for all your business processes. Affordable, easy to implement and the perfect platform for the complete automation of your business.
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What is SAP Business One?

SAP Business One is an ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software solution for SME’s.  

One ERP system supports all your essential business processes, such as sales, purchasing, inventory management, production and financial administration. That can be in the cloud or on-premise.That can be in the cloud or on-premise. Using the right set-up and choosing from more than 500 certified add-ons from partners, you can easily make SAP Business One suitable for your specific sector.  

In short, SAP Business One provides a powerful foundation for your business operations. This means you have an optimal overview always and everywhere, ensuring you do what you need to do when you need to.  


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Everything you need to know about SAP Business One

Starting to use a new ERP system can be quite overwhelming.
We have therefore listed the most important topics related to SAP Business One for you. 

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Business processes in SAP Business One: more control over your business

With SAP Business One, you tighten your grip on your business. Streamline all your business processes with convenient business functions (modules) for production, inventory management and financial administration, and more.  

By doing so, you make internal collaboration easier and ensure that processes can be handled smoothly. A comprehensive set of reports also gives you a clear and real-time overview of the state of affairs at any time. This makes it easier for you to make the right strategic decisions. 

Why do business owners choose SAP Business One?

Collaborate more efficiently and smarter

Real-time insight into all key business processes

Clear KPIs and reports

Better, more responsible spending decisions

Complete package from the global market leader in business software

Expandable with sector-specific add-ons for more functionality

Want to learn more about SAP Business One?

Helping customers excel in their business with software and service. That is our goal. Would you like to discuss what SAP Business One can do for your business? We are here to offer honest advice!

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Add your own data and functionality to SAP Business One with User Defined Fields (UDFs)

SAP Business One is packed with standard functionalities for all your business processes. This makes customisation unnecessary. But that doesn’t mean you’re stuck with universal processes that are inappropriate for your sector.   

SAP Business One, ERP system with dynamic structure  

SAP Business One offers plenty of room to customise the solution to your liking. Such as the option to simply create your own fields and tables, called User Defined Fields and User Defined Tables. That gives you unlimited opportunities to store data that characterises your product, service, company or sector. 

Mobile Apps: access to your ERP, any time and anywhere

Keep key information about your business always at your fingertips with SAP Business One’s Mobile Apps. Such as SAP Business One Sales, which allows your salespeople to instantly access relevant sales information.  

For example, while visiting a prospect. Or SAP Business One Service, which allows service technicians to view and handle service tickets any time, anywhere. Easily from a smartphone or tablet.  

SAP Business One on Azure: taking advantage of the cloud

A future-proof business is agile and scalable. Ensure this by moving to the Microsoft Azure cloud platform. Our SAP Business One on Azure solution is flexible, scalable and cost-effective.  

With SAP Business One in the cloud, you and your colleagues can work securely in your ERP solution, any time, anywhere. Moreover, you save on server maintenance costs and can increase or decrease your capacity in no time.  

Add-ons: even more functionality with Boyum IT

With add-ons from our partner Boyum IT Solutions, you effortlessly extend the capabilities of SAP Business One.  

A good example is B1UP (B1 Usability Package). This enables your business to gain the maximum effect from SAP Business One. With B1UP, you improve data quality, increase ease of use and work even more efficiently in SAP Business One. 

APconnect: Reduce the pressure on your financial operations

Did you know that Amista has its own solution for a fully automated invoice processing process within SAP Business One?

Transform your Accounts Payable and unlock untapped potential. Our AI-based invoice processing solution increases your efficiency, scales with your business and integrates with your ERP.

SmartLynx: integrate SAP Business One with other systems

Almost every company works with multiple software applications and databases. You may find that, even when using SAP Business One, you want to keep some other applications or databases. But having to enter data into multiple systems is, of course, hopelessly inefficient.  

With our SmartLynx integration platform, you can integrate multiple databases or external systems flawlessly into SAP Business One. SmartLynx also provides easy database and connection management.  

What our customers say about SAP Business One

“SAP Business One is the foundation of our business; everyone starts it up in the morning. The system covers everything and the possibilities are endless.” 

 Robert-Jan Ruwers, Supply Chain Director, Arnold Suhr 

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Frequently asked questions about SAP Business One

Both SAP Business One and SAP S/4HANA are ERP solutions. The main difference between the two systems is the intended user. SAP Business One is the most suitable ERP solution for SMEs.

SAP S/4HANA is designed for large organisations with even more demanding processes. Find out more about SAP S/4HANA.   

The cost of implementing SAP Business One varies by situation. This is because it depends on many different factors, such as your company’s current processes, whether your company is already working with an ERP system and the number of employees who will be using SAP Business One.

So feel free to contact us and together we will explore whether SAP Business One is right for your business.

Honest and clear. After all, that’s what Amista stands for. First, if you want to automate your SME, you can count on good advice. Together, we will then look at the best steps for your company to take towards SAP Business One.

Read more about our approach. 

This is indeed possible. After all, why saddle your finance team with monotonous and error-prone tasks?

Amista developed APconnect one specifically for automating financial tasks. This public cloud solution uses artificial intelligence to automate your accounts payable process.

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Absolutely. SAP Business One continuously responds to technological developments. What innovations can you expect over time? You can read all about that in the SAP Business One Roadmap 2024.

It’s great that you want to try SAP Business One. Want to get a better idea of what this ERP system can do for your business? We recommend watching eldoLED’s interactive reference video. In it, eldoLED’s various departments explain the impact of SAP Business One on their processes.

Of course, we are also happy to visit you to discuss whether SAP Business One is right for your company.   


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