SmartLynx for SAP Business One

Exchange data quickly and easily between your ERP system and other systems, automate your business processes and manage your data from a central location. All with one convenient tool: SmartLynx for SAP Business One.

What is SmartLynx?

Every SME wants to work efficiently. That includes you. But to do so, your ERP system must be able to exchange data with other systems, databases and applications. SmartLynx for SAP Business One helps you make the connections this requires. 

SmartLynx is a handy tool that brings together data from all your sources and exchanges them automatically. Simply using SAP Business One. Moreover, you can do it all by yourself because you don’t need to use code.

This allows you to automate your important business processes, such as invoicing runs and intercompany transactions. Moreover, with SmartLynx you manage all your data from one place, prevent manual and double data entry, and avoid errors.  

What can I do with SmartLynx?

SmartLynx is a multi-purpose tool with the main function of exchanging data between SAP Business One and other systems, databases and applications.

Consider, for example, data connections with web services from suppliers, distributors, banks, web shop services and customers. But also with internal systems, such as those of subsidiaries or mobile apps.   

You can get started quickly with SmartLynx thanks to the Starter Package. This package contains useful templates for common connections. It allows you to set up a data connection and automate business processes in just a few clicks.  

SmartLynx, a multi-purpose tool for, among other things:

  • APIs: easily exchange data between SAP Business One and external parties, and vice versa 
  • Master data management: manage all your data from one place. 
  • Intercompany transactions: create transactions between companies from a single system. 
  • Automation: create time-saving workflows. 
  • Consolidation: up-to-date consolidation data continuously available. 

How does SmartLynx work?




Determine the type of connection

Choose how you want to send data. From database to database? From database to a web service or pdf? Or the other way round? Simply select the desired option from the SAP Business One main menu. 


Determine the trigger

Set when data should be exchanged. This can be based on a specific trigger, such as when a new order comes in, or a recurring schedule 


Make the connection

Create the connection without coding and using handy templates from the Starter Package. 


Test and go live

Verify that the data are being exchanged properly and then make the connection live. 

Ready for Peppol and Isabel: simple with SmartLynx

With SmartLynx, you always comply with crucial financial legislation. With connections for Peppol and Isabel Connect, for example, you can automate the financial processes required for compliance.

This avoids a lot of manual work. You then need to spend less time on administrative matters and can fully focus on adding value to your business.  


Why do businesses choose SmartLynx?

Make connections quickly without coding

Templates for common connections

Automate processes in just a few clicks

One place for master data management

Less manual and duplicated work, fewer errors

For use within the SAP Business One environment

Choose the licensing model that best suits your business

Do you want just one connection to SAP Business One or many? Or perhaps something in between?

SmartLynx has three licensing models: Standard, Professional and Enterprise. This means that there is always a model among them that best suits your SME. If you need more or fewer connections, we can adjust your licensing model just as easily.   

Want more information about SmartLynx’s licensing models

Take advantage of existing connections

Easily realise out-of-the-box connections between the following systems, databases or applications. 

· Yooz · Isabel · Peppol · BNP Paribas Connexis · Rabobank · Barclays · Shopware · Shopify · WooCommerce · Magento · SAP Concur GLS · DHL · UPS · PostNL · bpost · Dropon · Tailormate · Sendcloud · Locus WMS · Salesforce · Tribe CRM · HubSpot · Billit ·

What our customers say about SmartLynx

“We chose SAP Business One because it offered us not only comprehensive ERP features, but also specialised add-ons for specific areas, such as PDMX WMS and SmartLynx. This allowed us to implement a solution that was exactly tailored to our needs.” 

Frank Cesar, Managing Director, Gymna 

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