SmartLynx for SAP Business One

Do you manage different branches and/or want to manage data from different databases in a centralised manner? SmartLynx provides an intelligent connection between databases.
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Optimize your SAP Business One

With SmartLynx, we offer a powerful solution for seamlessly managing multiple databases or connections to external systems within SAP Business One.

  • Extensive user interface
  • Master data management
  • Intercompany Transactions
  • Export to PDF
  • Document Work Automation
  • Webshop integration
  • Export to network share or (S)FTP
  • Use of triggered events
  • Management of branches
  • Financial consolidation
  • System integration of e.g. e-commerce platform or other application

Avoid duplicate data entry


Instant insight

Faultless system integration

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System integration

Almost every business environment uses multiple software applications and databases. Data often has to be introduced several times, which is inefficient. It is even more annoying if certain data are not always processed in all systems. SmartLynx takes care of you and guarantees perfect system integration in SAP.

SAP Consultant working at Amista

Master data management and consolidation

Centralising, combining and processing data from different databases can be difficult. SmartLynx manages your master data centrally with synchronisation of the data in all your databases. The application processes data from different sources for consolidated reporting.

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Flexible and simple

New integrations can be set up quickly and easily. Existing processes can be adapted according to need. You can manage and adjust the integration elements yourself, ensuring data consistency and integrity.

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