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Purchase to Pay / Procure to Pay

Do you want to streamline your company’s procurement and payment process? Then you have come to the right place.

At Amista, we understand how important it is to streamline your company’s procurement and payment process. That’s why we offer a comprehensive Purchase to Pay (or Procure to Pay) solution that helps companies manage the process from start to finish.

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A complete solution

Our Purchase to Pay solution is designed to help companies efficiently manage their procurement process from start to finish. From capturing invoices and purchase orders to matching them with the right documents and making payments, our solution streamlines the process and saves your business time and money.

Purchase order matching

A key aspect of our Purchase to Pay (or P2P) solution is purchase order matching (PO-matching). PO matching is the process of comparing supplier invoices with your purchase orders. This can be done both at header level (total amounts) and line level (item amounts). This helps ensure that the company only pays for the goods or services that were ordered.

Three-Way and even Four-Way-Matching

Two-Way-Matching is used to compare the seller’s invoice with the purchase order. Three-Way-Matching is used to compare the purchase order, goods receipt and seller’s invoice. In this case, the quantity and price of the invoice lines are compared with the purchase order and receipt information. This helps prevent overpayment and automatically uncover any discrepancies at line level.

By using PO matching, companies can improve their financial controls and reduce the risk of errors and fraud.

If your procedures require a business location for receipt and inspection, the invoice can be matched not only with the corresponding purchase order for quantity, amount and receipt, but also with inspection information. Invoices are not fully released for payment until all QA requirements are met. This is known as Four-Way-Matching.

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