Digital processing of invoices for Deschacht



Technology used

RecoMatics Document Suite

About our client

Deschacht, part of Buildmat, is an organisation with innovative solutions for construction projects. The construction professional can choose from a product range of more than 15,000 articles in the Deschacht branches, via their webshop and a network of 10 distribution centres spread throughout Belgium.

Digital processing of invoices for Deschacht

Deschacht, part of Buildmat Group, is an East Flanders-based distributor and supplier of professional building materials with as many as 10 distribution centres in Belgium. Manual processing of incoming invoices is very time-consuming. Only by comparing the invoice line by line with the materials received can the incoming invoice be approved.

As a central ERP system, Deschacht works with Robinson (SDP’s ERP system), in which the approval flow is managed. A smart interface with SDP was therefore a prerequisite.

The problem: labour-intensive manual processing of purchase invoices

Although Deschacht was already taking many steps towards digitisation and efficiency, optimising invoice processing was a major challenge.

Not least because some 60,000 purchase invoices are processed every year (amounting to +/- 300,000 pages).

The solution: RecoMatics Capture with interface SDP

Deschacht is working intensively to build an ecosystem around their ERP system, SDP, with specialised applications.

Automatic invoice recognition is one of them, and with RecoMatics Capture, Amista provided the cut-and-dried solution.

By automating our inbound invoice processing, we are taking an important step in generating time and efficiency gains. The solutions provided by Amista, in collaboration with SDP, more than meet our expectations.

Bert Vermeiren – Chief Digital Officer at Deschacht
Consultants at work

The result

The documents to be processed either arrive electronically or are digitised and then imported automatically, from a mailbox or shared folder, for example. The required data are recognised, captured and validated, largely without user intervention. Moreover, the master data from the ERP system is used throughout the RecoMatics Capture process for all kinds of validations and checks. After the complete validation of each document, it is converted to a format that can be automatically processed by Robinson (SDP) and the approval flow starts automatically.

Comparing incoming invoices with deliveries and booking purchase invoices is fully automatic in about 80% of cases. This allows the finance department to focus on tasks with more added value, such as checking and following up invoices showing discrepancies in terms of prices, quantities or products received. A reduction in lost time and costs and an increase in efficiency, profit and transparency in a very short time.

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