How we work

Amista has done complete end-to-end implementations of SAP solutions both on-premise and in the cloud. Over the course of time, we have witnessed a change in the expectations of our customers when it comes to time to value. Out of that, we have defined our own project methodology.

Amista team at work

How we guide you through your SAP journey


Listen carefully to your challenges

First of all, we listen. We start with a brainstorming and design-thinking session and make sure we understand your needs at the end of it. Then you’ll get specific advice, a phased action plan and budget estimation. Together with some key users, we go in-depth and ask you anything we need to know to go ahead.


Inspire business & IT to get everyone on board

We then translate your specific business needs into a number of important business drivers: business continuity, cost efficiency, quality, security and compliance. For example, we’ll have a look at the TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) to make sure your budget and focus actually allow optimizations.


Implement your ideal roadmap

Finally, we examine at what pace you can convert this plan into concrete projects, depending on your budget and your priorities. By moving to an ‘as a service’ model you can improve your cash flow and always enjoy the benefits of the latest IT infrastructure and technologies.


Support & enable your organization

With relevant and proven technology, we make companies more efficient, more productive, more adaptive and therefore more competitive. After go-live, we’ll still be there to support and suggest a learning track to make sure everyone who uses the system will get a better hang of it.

The ultimate collaboration

We approach every customer challenge with an open mind. Think like there is no box!

We work with our customers as partners, to help them:

  • Improve their current way of working
  • Automate their business processes
  • Support their employees with learning and change

The Amista way

Amista can help you implement SAP-centric solutions from start to finish, from project preparation to managed services, delivering deep technical expertise as well as profound business knowledge and Business Transformation guidance. Whatever your SAP needs, we got you covered.

Agile project implementations

We go for short iterative implementation cycles focusing on the features that provide the most business value. This allows for shorter implementation cycles and a higher return on investment.


Industry best practices

Our SAP solutions come with industry best practices. These best practices have a proven track record of making businesses run better, leaner and faster. We always promote these as the starting point of every implementation as it will considerably shorten your implementation time.

End-user enablement

We don’t just implement solutions and leave. We want to make sure every end user can confidently work with the new system. That’s why we always recommend having a learning track to make for a smoother adoption.

Want to talk about your project?

Outsource your project and count on the expertise that makes your business grow! Amista is here to help you implement SAP-centric solutions from start to finish.

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