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Consultants at work
Consultants at work

Our team of IT experts facilitates the transformation towards intelligent enterprises for a broad range of customers in a variety of industries. As IT consulting company, and software provider, we are one of the key players in the Benelux market. We are proud of our achievements and wide range of customers.

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Our core values

Play is the highest form of research” Einstein said, and we couldn’t agree more. IT and SAP may be serious topics, but we like to think out of the box, and we do so by putting our heads together.

We Care

“Amista” refers to “friendship” or “bringing people together,” and we live up to that name. Collaboration is at the top of our list: within the team and with our customers and partners.

Our approach pays off: we build long-term relationships and bring IT solutions that really help our customers.

We Innovate

Whenever there’s a new development in the Tech landscape, we can’t wait to explore and test it out. For us, continuous learning and experimenting is of prime importance.

At the end of the day, every project has one goal: the solution we design must make a real, tangible difference to our customers.

We Deliver

Our superheroes don’t wear masks. We are transparent towards our customers and partners. We always come up with a solution that delivers the best business results and are honest about what is feasible.

We do what we promise, and when we commit, we do the utmost: “challenge accepted.”

Our Offices

  • In Belgium: We have offices in Lier, Destelbergen and Harelbeke.
  • In The Netherlands: You can find us in Almere, Dordrecht and Venray.
  • In Luxembourg: We also have an office in Drosbach.
  • In Hungary: We have a local office in Budapest.
  • In India: Our offshore teams are located in Hyderabad and Bangalore.

We care, we innovate, we deliver. Wondering what this means for a career at Amista?

Elke’s YTT Score: 92%! 🎉

Stephane’s YTT Score: 90%! 🎉

Kelvin’s YTT Score: 94%! 🎉

Michiel’s YTT Score: 91%! 🎉

Arne’s YTT Score: 89%! 🎉

Jimmy’s YTT Score: 91%! 🎉

Eva’s YTT Score: 94%! 🎉

Jan’s YTT Score: 90%! 🎉

Michael’s YTT Score: 90%! 🎉

Sandesh’s YTT Score: 89%! 🎉

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