SAP Build

This low-code solution helps accelerate development and automation enabling you to create the enterprise solutions you need without writing code. Via the prebuilt connectors, you can integrate the apps seamlessly with your SAP and non-SAP systems. Speed up the collaboration between business and IT!
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SAP Build

Long gone are the days of long development and automation projects. Our customers demand speed and agility. From low code development to intelligent workflows, SAP’s development and workflow applications are all about creating apps and automating processes faster. All that speed and agility are available on an enterprise-grade platform that you can connect with your existing SAP landscape. It enables you to create integrated and contextual user experiences across all digital touchpoints, such as web, mobile, portal, and conversational AI (Artificial Intelligence).

Amista can support you with all aspects of application development and automation. Whether you want to extend SAP applications or automate finance processes, we provide the right expertise to help you succeed.

SAP Build Apps

SAP Build Apps

SAP’s newest low-code solution is your doorway to accelerating your development and automation requirements. A visual interface allows for creating unique experiences without writing code. It fosters collaboration between business and IT users with built-in governance and lifecycle management. SAP has pre-built connectors for SAP and non-SAP systems, enabling you to kick-start your development projects.

Most important benefits of using SAP Build Apps

A visual interface

allows to build apps, websites, or automations without writing code

Out-of-the box connectors

with SAP and non-SAP solutions

Fosters collaboration between business and IT teams

allowing to build apps which perfectly fit the business requirements

workflow automation

SAP Build Process Automation

Even though companies might have invested in different enterprise applications to digitize their processes, we still see many employees performing low-value repetitive tasks. Performing copy-and-paste operations, data extractions, or data creation tasks are not motivating. In addition, manual work is prone to errors. That is where SAP Build Process Automation comes into play.

Using its built-in automation recorder, we can deploy bots to automate those manual tasks for you. The benefits are immediate.

You can re-skill or upskill your employees to tasks that have a higher added value. In addition, you will have fewer errors in the execution of manual and repetitive tasks. Studies at the London School of Economics have shown that the ROI of process automation varies between 30 to as much as 200 percent in the first year.

Most important benefits of using SAP Build Process Automation

It decreases manual effort and increases efficiency & security of repeatable tasks

Develop faster using pre-built workflows, bots and connectors for SAP and non-SAP systems

It allows you to automate workflows with simple drag-and-drop capabilities

SAP Build Work Zone

SAP Build Work Zone enables you to create engaging sites to get work done quickly and to access business information on any device.

Most important benefits of using SAP Build Work Zone

Save time with easy drag-and-drop capabilities

Integrate enterprise applications with SAP and non-SAP solutions

Maximize team productivity

Top value drivers of SAP Build low-code ap development and automation

  • Improve application development FTE productivity with less manual coding effort
  • Unify development experiences
  • Improve application delivery time
  • Increase employee engagement
  • Reduce data entry errors
  • Rely on a trusted and open enterprise application platform

Our offering

  • Wonder whether SAP’s application development and automation platform is something for you?
     Contact us for a half-day discovery workshop with an Amista Innovation Architect.
  • Do you need development or integration power?
    We can support you with full-cycle implementations or spot consulting engagements.
  • Do you need application support?
    We can provide off-shore and near-shore application management services.
  • Interested in understanding the licensing options?
    SAP BTP has different subscription-based models depending on your needs.