Make innovating, automating and data-driven working easier than ever with SAP Business Technology Platform

Want to fully customise your SAP landscape without modifying your core system? Then get to know SAP Business Technology Platform. With this innovation platform, you can build apps, AI applications, data applications, integrations, automations, workflows and much more in no time at all.
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What is SAP Business Technology Platform?

Your ERP system is the beating heart of your organisation. Within that system, you want to handle all of your organisation’s key standard processes and store critical data securely. Do you need more? Then SAP Business Technology Platform (SAP BTP) helps you build all kinds of innovations “on top of” that ERP system.  

SAP BTP combines data and analytics, AI, application development, automation and integration in a single, unified cloud environment. 

Think of it as a shell overlying your SAP system that allows you to innovate more easily and extract more from data. Streamlining business processes and taking advantage of the opportunities offered by AI becomes easier than ever with this cloud-based innovation platform. 

SAP BTP offers the technical flexibility you need to effortlessly make every idea, optimisation and innovation a reality.  

Maximum flexibility

thanks to 2,600 ready-made integrations and more than 3,900 APIs 

Quickly create insights

with 260 data & analytics packages included as standard

Easily optimise processes

with more than 300 SAP Process Automation Packages and business rules

Everything you need to know about SAP Business Technology Platform

Of course, you want to know just what exactly SAP BTP can do for you. With that in mind, we have listed the key points of the SAP Business Technology Platform for you.  


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Quickly build any app or interface you need

Do you want to quickly build an application for employees? Or do you need a mobile app for customers? With SAP BTP, you can effortlessly and securely build sophisticated mobile apps, web apps, interfaces and other solutions that seamlessly integrate with your ERP system and the rest of your IT environment. BTP offers maximum flexibility for developers in building, testing and deploying applications. Do you like to code in pro-code? Or do you prefer working with an intuitive no-code solution? SAP BTP supports a wide range of programming models and languages. Moreover, the content included with SAP as standard ensures that you get results quickly.

Effortlessly integrate your entire IT landscape

Your SAP solution is part of a larger IT landscape. The better your systems communicate with each other, the easier it becomes to optimise your processes and reduce the chance of errors.  

With SAP Business Technology Platform, you have a powerful integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS) in the cloud. You can effortlessly connect all your solutions to your ERP system, both SAP and non-SAP. As standard, SAP BTP comes with numerous connectors that work out of the box. For more specialised applications, Amista has developed proprietary connectors.  In 2024, SAP’s Integration Suite was named a leader in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS) for the fourth year running.

Make data-driven working easier than ever

Do you want to maximise the value of data throughout your organisation? Do you want to make better decisions and plan more strategically? Do you want your organisation to take full advantage of your own business data and data from external sources? Then SAP BTP offers the solution. SAP Business Technology Platform helps you collect, transform, model and analyse data. You have powerful capabilities for managing and enriching all the data in your organisation. Thanks to business intelligence, predictive analytics, machine learning and AI, you can effortlessly turn raw data into useable insights.

Streamline and automate every process

Do you want to work smarter and more efficiently? SAP BTP helps you. With SAP Business Technology Platform, you can effortlessly streamline and automate all kinds of workflows in your organisation. As standard, the innovation platform comes with numerous pre-configured workflows that you can use out of the box. With SAP Build Process Automation, you can also make short work of time-consuming and error-prone manual work. Processing invoices, for example, has never been easier. All SAP BTP tools are fully aligned with SAP and work seamlessly with your ERP system.

Take advantage of new opportunities that AI brings

Do you want employees, customers or partners to benefit from artificial intelligence? Are you looking for ways to make AI work to your advantage? With SAP BTP, you open the door wide to AI. SAP Business Technology Platform features a variety of powerful AI tools to help you work faster and smarter. The possibilities are endless. Quickly gain insight into reports or automatically process documents; it’s all possible.  

You benefit from various pre-trained models and can easily roll out powerful AI tools. Because the models use the business data in your systems, you can be sure of reliable results.   

How do we help you innovate with SAP BTP?

Thanks to SAP BTP, there is no longer any limit to what you can achieve technically. If you can imagine it, you can build it with SAP BTP. Amista helps you do just that. We support you from A to Z at the BTP level and help you maximise the return on your investments.  

Do you have a challenge where SAP BTP can play a role? Then we start with a comprehensive analysis. Once that is complete, we will show you how you can use the versatile SAP BTP innovation platform for a solution.

If you agree to our proposal, then we will implement the solution for you.  

Monitoring plays a crucial role in the efficient and smooth operation of applications on SAP BTP. We ensure that any disruptions are detected and promptly resolved. 

Of course, we also provide expert maintenance for your BTP applications. Our BTP experts maintain your solutions remotely. Where necessary, we train your own IT colleagues to solve any problems themselves quickly and efficiently as well.

Amista has in-depth BTP knowledge and experience. Over the past few years, we have been responsible for dozens of national and international BTP projects.

With a team of around 250 professionals specialised in consultancy, development, service, and sales, we have a strong presence across Belgium, The Netherlands, and Luxembourg, and have established subsidiaries in India and Hungary.

What our customers say about SAP BTP and Amista


“Amista’s motto, ‘Challenge accepted,’ aligns perfectly with Terumo’s team dynamic, with a ‘Yes we can’ mentality. Thanks to this powerful partnership, Amista and Terumo continue to jointly invest in technology and innovation.” 

Sigurd Segers, ICT Applications, Enterprise Architecture & Analytics Director at Terumo 


More about Terumo and Amista

With BTP, you are ready for RISE and GROW

Do you want to seamlessly transition to the cloud and grow your organisation with the RISE with SAP and GROW with SAP programs? Then SAP Business Technology Platform will help you do just that. SAP BTP accelerates your move to the cloud and helps you connect all your processes. After that, expanding your IT landscape and automating your processes takes no effort at all.

And that is exactly what you need for controlled growth.

Why do business owners choose Amista when it comes to SAP BTP?

More than 50 highly qualified BTP experts

Experience since 2013

75+ BTP projects

From design and implementation to maintenance and support

Affordable top quality thanks to hubs in Hungary and India

SAP Consultants in meeting

How we work

You can turn to Amista for complete SAP BTP projects. We support you from start to finish; from analysis, consulting, project preparation, build and deployment through to management and maintenance. We assist you with in-depth technical expertise and in-depth business knowledge.  

To ensure that this process is as controlled and enjoyable as possible for you, we have developed our own project methodology. This process always begins with listening. We listen to what you require, talk about your challenges and explore what is needed. Only then do we start talking about solutions. 

Want to learn more about the SAP Business Technology Platform?

Helping customers excel in their business with software and service. That is our goal. Would you like to discuss what SAP Business One can do for your business? We are here to offer honest advice!


Frequently asked questions about SAP Business Technology Platform



Yes, you can. SAP BTP is an innovative cloud solution that effortlessly connects you to any application, any system and any data source. Cloud and on-premise. SAP and non-SAP.

Absolutely. SAP Business Technology Platform was developed as an innovation platform for these powerful SAP solutions. Innovating, integrating, building apps, developing workflows and data-driven working has never been easier.

SAP Business Technology Platform is a cloud solution that you purchase from SAP.  

SAP uses three billing models.  

  1. Subscription: you pay a fixed, predetermined fee.  
  2. Pay-As-You-Go: you are charged according to actual usage.  
  3. Enterprise Agreement: Flexible usage-based pricing  

The amount of your investment is determined by things like memory, the number of users and the number of connections. Each model has its own advantages and disadvantages. We are happy to help you choose the model that best suits your situation. 

SAP offers extensive documentation for SAP BTP, accessible via the SAP Help Portal and other sources. This documentation is an important resource for new and experienced users. It includes detailed instructions, tutorials and best practices. The information is updated regularly with the latest features and capabilities of the platform. 

In addition, SAP’s community forums and support networks provide a place where you can share insights, ask questions and learn. 

SAP Business Technology Service is a Platform as a Service (PaaS) and is extremely well protected against unauthorised use. SAP takes responsibility for keeping the platform secure. SAP’s customers and partners are themselves responsible for building and implementing applications securely.  

When you build BTP applications with Amista, you do not have to worry about anything. We provide a secure connection between SAP BTP and your business systems. We help you set up and test all security measures. And we help you set up the necessary authorisations. You can rely on high availability, scalability, advanced backups and strong data security. 

Are you ready to innovate with SAP & Amista?

Curious to know what this powerful innovation platform can mean for your success? Then contact us and talk to a BTP expert.