E-Invoicing (Peppol)

Electronic invoice processing, also known as e-invoicing, is the process of creating, sending and receiving invoices electronically. This modern solution offers businesses numerous benefits, including increased efficiency, reduced errors and cost savings.

News: Another reason why you shouldn’t wait until 2026!

On 5th January 2024, the House submitted a draft law for changes to the Value Added Tax Code regarding mandatory e-invoicing.

Take action now and benefit from a 120% cost deduction for immediate tax advantage. Avoid procrastination and discover how your business can maximize benefits!


  1. From 2024 to 2027: 120% cost deduction for software and consultancy expenses related to electronic invoicing. E.g. €100 spent = €120 deductible.
  2. From 2025: 20% investment allowance for digital invoicing investments.

What’s an electronic invoice?

An electronic invoice (also known as an e-invoice or e-invoice) is an invoice that is created, sent, received and stored digitally. This is automated between different software systems without manual intervention.

The electronic invoice must comply with a standard so that it can be processed automatically by different software systems on the side of sender and receiver. Within Europe, agreements are laid down in a framework called Peppol. This framework describes a standardised format for invoices (UBL format), rules, network and legal aspects.

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Is a pdf invoice an electronic invoice?

No, although the PDF is digital, it is not structured. In other words, the content of the invoice has to be interpreted or translated by humans or software to read invoice information.

A structured format such as XML or UBL avoids the interpretation step. All invoice data is listed according to the standard and can be automatically read by the recipient’s software.

Is e-invoicing mandatory in Belgium?

If you send invoices to the local or federal government, you should already be sending out electronic invoices via Peppol or Mercury today.

The federal government is currently working on a legislative proposal to make electronic invoicing mandatory for companies from January 2026.

If you want to know more about the obligation in Belgium, read our blog ‘e-invoicing mandatory in Belgium’.

Switch to electronic invoicing too

At Amista, we offer a comprehensive electronic invoice processing solution that meets the needs of medium- and large-sized companies. Our solution meets industry standards and integrates seamlessly with your existing systems.

Join the growing number of companies that have already switched to electronic invoicing and experience the benefits for yourself.

Amista offers a total solution for incoming and outgoing electronic invoices.

Incoming invoices (accounts payable):

  • Incoming Peppol invoices are automatically imported and validated against your business rules.
  • We provide a readable PDF visualisation of the invoice.
  • A digital approval workflow is initiated.
  • After approval, an automatic booking and payment release follows in your financial system.

Outgoing invoices (accounts receivable):

  • We take care of sending your invoices via the Peppol network.
  • If your invoicing software does not create invoices according to Peppol standards, we can convert them to the appropriate format.
  • You will automatically receive confirmation of dispatch, delivery and optionally (depending on your customer’s software) approval and payment.
  • Customers not yet registered on Peppol will receive the invoice via PDF in their mailbox.

Amista has entered into a partnership with Billit to interface with Peppol. Billit, in addition to being an online billing platform, is a certified Peppol Access Point and market leader in Belgium. More than 100,000 e-invoices are sent or received via Billit every day.

With Amista, you switch without worry

But with Amista, you don’t have to worry: we take care of everything for you. That way, you don’t have to learn anything new or do anything. Simple!

For example, Amista ensures a smooth and worry-free integration with Peppol:

  • Your company is registered on the Peppol network.
  • We take care of sending and receiving your invoices and integration with your business systems.
  • Your users process invoices in a uniform way regardless of the source format (paper, digital or electronic).
  • You benefit from a pricing model that grows with your Peppol volume.

Ready to start your e-invoicing process?

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