Learning Strategy

Happy employees are the driving force of your company. To make sure that they stay happy, it’s essential to help them gather the right knowledge to use at the right time. The Amista Digital Learning Team helps you to set up and integrate a (blended) learning strategy by using our own proven Learning & Change Methodology framework ZEN.
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What is your digital learning need?

Depending on your organization’s training needs, we have numerous options to support you. Do you want to create efficient digital learning content that is non-IT related? Do you want to manage and distribute all your training materials via one central platform? Do you need advice on how to train a large number of internal and external employees in a newly built (SAP) system over a short period of time? At Amista, we guide you along the way!

How we help you

1. Advising by expert consulting

We share our knowledge and expertise on Blended Learning strategies and Change Management. We leverage our learning expertise to create tailored solutions, delivering best practice content, following our ZEN Accelerator methodology. By combining pre-configured structure & specific content, we are able to deliver your e-learning faster, without compromising quality.

2. Training team enablement

We train your team to use the SAP Enable Now builder tools and Litmos.

3. Facilitating training while working from home

We support you with:

  • Onboard new employees quicker.
  • Manage and follow-up your employees’ training.
  • Secure your business with compliancy training.
  • Support sales & service teams.

4. Enabling set-up of your training platform

We implement the components, basic content structuring and setting up e-learning templates in SAP Enable Now and Litmos.

5. Creating content

We create rapid and user-friendly E-learnings and simulations for IT and non-IT related digital learning content. We can enrich and customize the learning experience with avatars, quizzes, audio and video by using SAP Enable Now and other tools such as Articulate. In addition we can help to motivate and empower your team with E-learning on demand by offering online training using context sensitive learning (SAP Companion).

Discover our e-learning authoring tool

SAP Enable Now

Do you also want to stay ZEN?

Boost your workforce productivity with next-level learning solutions!

Download our ZEN Accelerator Package with a detailed offering and pricing.



What do we use?

  • E-Learning Strategy with our ZEN Accelerator methodology
  • E-Learning Solutions and Platform (initial setup, implementation, enablement, technical support)
  • SAP Enable Now
  • Litmos
  • Articulate

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