Litmos enables smarter and faster corporate digital training via e-learnings and offers dynamic SCORM content creation. This easy-to-use Learning Management System stimulates online training for every segment of your business and externals. Litmos provides a user-friendly platform with diverse features to enhance learning experiences, monitor performance, and foster engagement through automation and customization.
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What is Litmos?

Litmos is our corporate learning platform to manage all training materials and is a next-generation Learning Management System (LMS) that enables targeted learning with a robust reporting engine, boosts employee experience through an intuitive look & feel and increases employee retention. It protects your brand by keeping the organization compliant and invites employees to start learning.

Train your internal teams, external partners and even customers.

Why Litmos?

Fast user-onboarding & task automation

Mobile app & Universal accessibility

Robust analytics & reporting

Simple integration & quick deployment

Customized learning paths & Gamification

E-Commerce capabilities

Social learning & notifications

Certification & Assessments

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Benefits for your business

A modern approach to support business change.

Supporting a continuous, on the job learning culture.

The key to successful knowledge transfer and employee satisfaction.

Reduce training costs and increase training effectiveness

Branded learning culture to get ahead of your competition

About our customer projects

Prayon Academy: online training for success through the Litmos learning platform

Prayon wanted to use the launch of their new learning platform to raise employee awareness of cybersecurity. They were looking for a platform that was user-friendly and easy to set up. 

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Litmos E-Learning project for the vegetables chef Frank Fol

At Amista, we create tailored e-learning solutions with a strong focus on user acceptance and change management. To support the ‘We’re Smart® Green Guide’ project by the vegetables chef Frank…