Digital Invoice Processing for Real Estate

Technology used

RecoMatics Document Suite

Real estate solutions

Digitalisation has become a necessity for real estate brokers and syndicates. The processing of incoming invoices still requires a lot of work, even if they are made available by e-mail.

Digitalise your incoming invoice processing with Amista. In collaboration with Organimmo and OPENSyndic, we offer you a complete cloud solution for invoice processing in which the most important data is extracted from the invoices and immediately becomes available digitally in Organimmo Syndic and OPENSyndic.

In our syndic department we have implemented the digitalisation of incoming invoices. All invoices are now scanned or received by e-mail, and are further processed in our software via OCR. Not only efficiency gains for our employees, but in this way we can also digitally transfer the invoices to the account commissioner of each building as from the next financial year. Thanks to Dataplan (Organimmo) and Amista for the flawless integration.

Peter Bonhomme – Managing Director West-Littoral

How does it work?

With a simple set-up and user-friendly software. You use 7 concrete steps that automate the invoice processing for you:

  1. Supplier and building data from Organimmo Syndic or OPENSyndic are imported into the RecoMatics Document Suite.
  2. PDF invoices and credit notes are imported automatically.
  3. Paper invoices can be scanned on an existing multifunctional scanner.
  4. The most important data on invoices and credit notes are automatically recognized.
  5. Invoices are automatically linked to the correct building and model invoice.
  6. Missing data can be quickly supplemented by the user via the RecoMatics Document Suite “key-entry” software. This is a simple, user-friendly and self-learning software module which makes the system increasingly smarter.
  7. Each invoice is automatically booked in Organimmo Syndic or OPENSyndic.

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The advantages of Amista

Amista stands for digitalisation solutions with results. Only when everything works for you, our job is done.

  • Time saved:
    we offer you a solution that is set up quickly, works in the cloud (or on-premise) and speeds up the processing of your incoming invoices.
  • Adapted to your needs:
    focus on your challenges, which is why you can enjoy a seamless integration with Organimmo and OPENSyndic focused on simplicity and results.
  • Finer work:
    we take away the duplication and manual retyping of invoice data, allowing your co-workers to perform more inspiring tasks.
  • Always close by:
    our team has been working closely with customers all over Belgium for more than 25 years. Do you have a question? Then the answer is just one phone call away. Count on us.

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Together we will make your digitalisation of incoming invoices a success.