Digital Invoice Processing for Floré



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RecoMatics Document Suite

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The Floré Group is a family-owned horticultural company headquartered in Lochristi. They are active in breeding, propagation, production, trade and distribution of ornamental plant products.

Digital Invoice Processing for Floré

Floré distributes flowers and plants throughout Europe and is the market leader as a link between producer and retail in horticulture.

Whereas studies speak of an amount between 11 and 40 euros per processing a single invoice, we have reduced that amount to less than 1 euro each. Read on to know how!

The issue: streamlining 40,000 invoices a year

With 15 companies in four European countries, you know that bookkeeping is not going to be a simple story. The challenge becomes all the greater when you add the fact that invoices arrive at ten postal locations before being sent towards administration in Lochristi – sometimes by post, sometimes digitally.

40,000 invoices a year from 2,000 different suppliers, that’s a mountain of material to process. The challenge: digitise and streamline the flow.

The solution: automatic invoice reading with RecoMatics Capture

Whether invoices arrive today from a scanner or directly into a mailbox, RecoMatics Capture picks them up, processes the digital image and recognises the invoices as coming from supplier X or Y. Step 2: the system extracts all relevant info from the invoice, from the amount to the VAT number. Step 3: that info is forwarded to Floré’s SAP system, where everything is entered automatically.

All this without losing control, because every invoice goes through a digital flow where it can be approved. Only after the green light is given is it automatically entered in SAP and paid. Floré thus reduced the throughput time per invoice by 40%.

Digitisation of the invoice flow and integration with SAP has pushed efficiency upwards.

Marnix Verhegghe – Head Accounting & Treasury

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