SAP Business One for production 

Fast deliveries, full control of the production process and grip on market developments. With SAP Business One for the manufacturing and production industry, you put a smile on the face of your customers and employees.

The power of SAP Business One for companies in the manufacturing and production industry

A company that has integrated and fully controls the entire chain is agile and flexible. Ideal in a world that never stands still. But the question is: how do you achieve that?  

With the SAP Business One ERP solution, you have a fully integrated ERP system for your company.

This allows you to automate and streamline all the business processes of your SME: from planning and procurement to production, inventory management and distribution. This means you can always respond quickly to changes, deliver quickly and keep costs under control. 

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Optimal project management through our a powerful solution for production

Matching parts lists, production and delivery of semi-finished products is a delicate process. To ensure this is done accurately, you need detailed and accurate project planning. After that, nothing should be allowed to stand in the way of timely assembly.  

In short, secure project management is indispensable in the manufacturing and production industry. With SAP Business One, you can effortlessly monitor budgets, lead times and delivery times.

In addition, the software helps you determine capacity, manage parts lists and generate production orders.  

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Continuous insight into your inventory and processes

Being fast, flexible and innovative makes you stand out from the competition.

To get there, you need insight into your processes and inventory any time and anywhere. With SAP Business One, you have real-time insight into costs, inventory, planned work and order status.

Exactly this information helps you stay ahead in the production industry. 

Standard functionalities in SAP Business One for companies in the manufacturing and production industry

Smart Material Requirements Planning (MRP)

Easily plan the production or procurement of items based on a variety of selection criteria. The forecast functionality predicts the demand for a particular item. This means you do not have to maintain high stocks.

In addition, you can run scheduling scenarios for an item series or item groups. View calculations through various detail options and use various visual queries. This allows you to immediately see which orders are urgent, for example.  

Automatic production and purchase orders

Create production and purchase orders automatically. In fact, when a customer order is confirmed, SAP Business One immediately converts a production order into a purchase order.

Thanks to the link with parts lists, the system automatically calculates the required resources and lists them on the production order.

Moreover, you can quickly merge several purchase orders for the same supplier into a single order. This also streamlines your procurement process from start to finish. 

Clear and complete parts lists

Benefit from clear parts lists showing items such as materials, labour and machine hours.

But also the parts, sub-components and raw materials needed to assemble a finished product or item.

For complex items, parts lists consist of multiple levels, where parts also have their own parts lists. 

Simple master data management by item

Define inventory items from production or procurement. Or resources you don’t keep in stock, such as labour, travel and fixed assets.

You manage standard information about an item just as easily. Consider the supplier, unit of measurement for purchases and sales, and tax status.  

Precise inventory and distribution management

SAP Business One is packed with inventory functionalities. You can, for example, manage incoming and outgoing deliveries with extreme precision.

You can also define alternative items, adjust inventory numbers, revalue inventory costs based on current market values, perform periodic counts and create pick lists for open customer orders.  

Benefit from optimal process control, continuous insight into inventory & procurement, and fast production times

Beas Manufacturing from Boyum IT

Do you produce complex items and need even greater efficiency? With Boyum IT’s Beas Manufacturing add-on, you take the step to advanced manufacturing and streamline complicated production processes even more smoothly.

Get the most out of your supply chain with this certified SAP Business One solution for advanced manufacturing. 

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What our customers say about SAP Business One

“SAP Business One gives me peace of mind. I feel assured that even from 9,000 kilometres away, I am on top of everything that happens in China. For a remote owner, that’s a good thing to have.”

Jan van der Donk, Owner, D&D Production & Sourcing

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