Add-Ons for SAP Business One

Make working with SAP Business One even more user-friendly, efficient or powerful with Boyum IT Solutions' certified add-ons and cloud apps.
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More functionality and ease of use thanks to add-ons

With SAP Business One, your SMB has one ERP solution that supports all your business processes.

The certified add-ons from Boyum IT Solutions go a step further. With even more functionality and ease of use.

In order to work more efficiently and automate more processes, among other things. So you get the most out of your ERP solution.

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Featured: maximum flexibility with B1 Usability Package

Ensure the best user experience of SAP Business One using B1 Usability Package (B1UP).

With this award-winning add-on from Boyum IT Solutions, you can make customizations and build features into your ERP solution. Just by yourself. Without help from programmers, without customization and without the necessary technical knowledge.

So that your ERP solution fits your daily processes even better.

Work uncomplicated with Boyum IT Solutions

Boyum IT Solutions is an SAP Partner and provides certified add-ons as well as cloud apps for SAP Business One. These add-ons and applications help you optimize and automate your business even further.

Discover the different add-ons from Boyum IT Solutions:


B1 Print & Delivery

With just one click, format, save, print and email any document type from SAP Business One.

To do this, use B1 Print & Delivery, an advanced Crystal Report Integration.

Discover B1 Print & Delivery

B1 Usability Package (B1UP)

Improve the usability, functionality and flexibility of SAP Business One yourself.

Customize the ERP solution to the specific needs of your organization. Without the need for customization or programmers.

Discover B1UP

CRM for Outlook

Synchronize your most important activities in Outlook with your ERP solution.

This makes daily tasks easier, saves time and makes you more productive.

Discover CRM for Outlook

Beas Manufacturing 

Improve the efficiency of your production with the advanced and industry-specific solution Beas Manufacturing.

Fully integrated within the structure of your ERP solution.

Discover Beas Manufacturing 

Produmex Scan 

Streamline and automate your warehouse movements and transactions in SAP Business One in real time.

Always process your inventory quickly and accurately with this barcode scanning solution.

Discover Produmex Scan

Produmex WMS 

Manage inbound and outbound logistics functions with ease.

Produmex WMS, combined with SAP Business One, provides all industry-specific functionality to meet customer, industry and regulatory requirements.

Discover Produmex WMS 

What our customers say about SAP Business One

“SAP Business One brings us structured freedom. It provides the security and structure of a large standard system, but also offers enough room to add our own identity to it.”

Luuk de Kunder, Managing Director Levanto

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Boyum IT Cloud Apps

Boyum IT Solutions’ role-based cloud applications target specific individuals and their unique business role in your company. Check out the different cloud apps:


Boyum Cloud Build helps product development and manufacturing manage specifications and requirements for new products. Easily plan and monitor the progress of your relevant development tasks with Build.



Boyum Cloud Inspect helps you create consistent quality testing plans. With Inspect, you make better decisions within your quality department and increase productivity.



Boyum Cloud Produce ensures optimal communication between production manager and operators on the shop floor. Optimize your production capacity thanks to real-time insights, digital orders, work instructions and time recording.


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