Build Cloud App

The cloud app Build helps product development and manufacturing departments manage requirements and specifications for new products in an orderly manner. With Build, the progress of relevant development tasks can be planned and easily tracked. Finished products can then be seamlessly added to SAP Business One.

Build Cloud App

The Boyum cloud app Build helps product development and manufacturing departments manage specifications and requirements for new products.

The progress of relevant development tasks is easy to plan and track with Build. Thereby, adding finished products to SAP Business One with Build follows simple steps.

Boyum IT

Boyum IT is an SAP Business One add-on partner. The company provides certified add-ons worldwide that tailor an SAP Business One system to the needs of the business.

With nearly 9,000 customers and more than 200,000 users per day, Boyum IT is considered one of the leading SAP Business One add-on partners.

Capturing product development in ERP

Build from Boyum IT was developed specifically for product development and manufacturing departments.

This cloud app provides clear frameworks for professionals working together across departments. Every step in the process is guided. As a result, products are added to the system efficiently and correctly.

Planning board

Track and plan product development in real time, so you never lose track of what’s ahead.

BoM management

Import, copy or create a Bill of Materials based on pre-existing assets, or from scratch.

Operational planning

Create a mock-up of editing plans using a fast, fluid interface before sending the item to SAP.

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