Produce Cloud App

The cloud app Produce supports real-time communication between production managers and operators on the shop floor.

Produce Cloud App

Do you want to optimise the lead time, work in progress and delivery reliability of your production process? With cloud app Produce, there is always an accurate and up-to-date status of orders, available machine capacity, available raw materials and recources.

The app ensures optimal production planning and seamless cooperation on your production floor. Produce has been specially developed for shopfloor management.

Boyum IT

Boyum IT is an SAP Business One add-on partner. The company provides certified add-ons worldwide that tailor an SAP Business One system to the needs of the business.

With nearly 9,000 customers and more than 200,000 users per day, Boyum IT is considered one of the leading SAP Business One add-on partners.

Boyum cloud app – Produce

Produce is one of the cloud add-ons specifically developed for shopfloor management. With Produce, users have clear tasks, planning and clear recording of recourses and resources.

With Produce, communication takes place in an unambiguous, clear flow. Production managers benefit from real-time insights into shopfloor activities. Operators find all the information they need to execute orders as efficiently as possible.

Produce Manager

Produce Manager helps production managers schedule and prioritise production tasks. Real-time visibility into materials, manpower and machinery means production orders are released only when they can be successfully completed.

Produce Operator

In Produce Operator, shop floor employees can view production orders, find required materials and machines, record production time, report products finished and track material usage.


Produce provides a clear overview of the various work phases. Real-time and up-to-date overviews ensure that problems are spotted even before they affect the production process.

Topfloor and shopfloor work together optimally with the Produce cloud app.

Boyum IT’s cloud app Produce provides additional shopfloor functionality to SAP Business One




Prioritise production orders and plan the order of jobs. Maintain overview and control of the production floor.

Paperless working

Digital work orders. Instant access to work instructions, material lists and production requirements.

Real-time tracking

Check production progress, monitor production time & material costs and complete production orders.

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