Produmex WMS for SAP Business One

Go for speed without sacrificing accuracy. Easily expand SAP Business One with Produmex WMS and increase productivity and accuracy.

Choose a productive, profitable supply chain

Your ERP solution SAP Business One supports all business processes of your Dutch SME or Belgian SME.

With Produmex WMS, a certified add-on from Boyum IT Solutions, you go one step further. This sophisticated and comprehensive warehouse management solution turns your logistics into a smooth-running operation.

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Advanced and compliant inventory management

As a wholesaler, you are part of a global supply chain. A supply chain that demands speed, flexibility, traceability, and compliance. Produmex WMS helps you meet those requirements.

Thanks to this comprehensive WMS, your wholesaler has all the functionality you need to complement your ERP. From simple processes for inventory transactions to support identification (SSCC) and customer-specific inventory allocation strategies.

The advantages of Produmex WMS

Fully and seamlessly integrated

The complete and seamless integration between your WMS and ERP system provides a complete and real-time overview.

Increased productivity

Streamline all warehouse transactions with barcode scanning and work up to ten times faster.

Increased accuracy

With barcode scanning, you work many times more accurately than if you were to perform these transactions manually.

Improved visibility and traceability

Reduce inventory and costs. Increase customer satisfaction and compliance.


Easily customizable to your data and processes.

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Standard functionality in Produmex WMS

  • Warehouse structuring with bin, zone, docks and order picking carts
  • Full shipping code support (SSCC), including nesting
  • Hard allocation and inventory management per customer
  • Goods receipts with controlled storage
  • Inbound and outbound container management
  • Quality status and release management
  • Automated replenishment, stock transfers and cross-docking
  • Delivery and route planning
  • Zone, multi and wave picking
  • Unpacking, shipments, RMAs and returns
  • Support for multiple cycle counting strategies
  • Flexible label printing and reporting

Increase productivity in your warehouse

With Produmex WMS, you use your warehouse space optimally. You plan the storage of your inventory and goods based on parameters such as fast-moving stock, product owners, batch, and shelf life.

For example, you can place the fastest-moving inventory close to packing stations and thus work faster.

Work fast and without errors

Bar code scanning technology allows you to identify incoming products, pick stock and ship products faster and more accurately. You ship the right product on time via the fastest route, eliminating costly and time-consuming returns.

You also do not need additional systems for Value-Added Logistics (VAL), kitting and simplified product operations, as these functionalities are standard in Produmex WMS.

More than 99 percent accurate

Your wholesaler is assessed on which products are delivered and when. Thanks to Produmex WMS, you achieve an accuracy of more than 99 percent.

This is due in part to real-time insight into your current inventory and its location. You can also see immediately when a product has been moved. Tracking combined batches and serial numbers is no problem.

Track fully forward and backward

In the add-on, you can see every movement of a product in your logistics process, who performed the actions, and any expiration dates. This traceability is both fully forward and backward, with support for GS1, SSCC, and GS1-128 barcodes.

In addition, give your staff the appropriate authority via standard forms and easily prove that you have stored stock under the optimal conditions. So for the audit, you have all the information in a row: who did what, when, and why.

What our customers say about SAP Business One

“After the acquisition, the amount of work grew so extremely that automation was more than necessary. SAP Business One takes an awful lot of work off our hands. We couldn’t live without it!”

Gerbrand Hirink, Finance Director, IPP Holland

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