CRM for Outlook

CRM for Outlook, an add-on from Boyum IT, links SAP Business One to your Outlook accounts. This links communication with your customers and suppliers directly to, for example, sales orders or deliveries to be received in SAP Business One.

CRM for Outlook

Important information from the system such as contacts, invoices, quotations, turnover and open items, are all visible directly in Outlook. So you no longer need to look these up separately in SAP Business One. This is convenient and efficient.

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Boyum IT

Boyum IT is an SAP Business One add-on partner. The company provides certified add-ons worldwide that tailor an SAP Business One system to the needs of the business.

With nearly 9,000 customers and more than 200,000 users per day, Boyum IT is considered one of the leading SAP Business One add-on partners.

Automate your communication

Fast and accurate communication is required within every organisation. Be it communication with your employees, customers or suppliers.

Automated communication for repetitive internal processes or external interactions therefore offers you a distinct advantage. It prevents boring or monotonous work, increases the productivity of your staff and saves money.

With CRM for Outlook, you can also set up an automated communication flow for recurring activities. Entirely in your house style and in the language in which you normally communicate with your business partner, of course.

Information from SAP Business One directly into Outlook

Use Outlook as you normally do but now also link directly to SAP Business One information. You have direct access to data that you would otherwise look up separately in SAP Business One such as sales orders, quotes, contracts, discounts, opportunities, activities, service calls, etc.

Planning in the Outlook calendar

When you schedule activities and service visits in your Outlook calendar, they are immediately translated into your SAP Business One system.

Link your e-mails to business partner contacts

Inform your colleagues about topics discussed with a contact? You can make your contact e-mail history accessible to colleagues.

Easily synchronise your business network

Business contacts in Outlook are easily synchronised to SAP Business One. There are also convenient links to LinkedIn, MailChimp, Skype and Google Maps.

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