Advanced production with Beas Manufacturing

Make your production process more efficient from start to finish with Beas Manufacturing. With this powerful add-on from Boyum IT Solutions, you produce flexibly, reduce costs and deliver high quality.
Manufacturing SAP solutions

Take the leap to advanced manufacturing

SAP Business One is an ERP solution that supports all business processes of your SME.

Add Beas Manufacturing, a certified add-on from Boyum IT Solutions, and take the step to even more efficient manufacturing.

This advanced and industry-specific solution is fully integrated into the structure of your ERP solution. The add-on helps you produce flexibly, reduce costs and deliver high quality.

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Standard functionality in Beas Manufacturing

Discover functionalities that increase your production efficiency.

Custom project management

Beas Manufacturing has a flexible and powerful module for project-based manufacturing. Create multi-level projects including time tracking and define project budgets.

Then manage the project in the same module: link activities, work orders, sales and purchase transactions directly to the project; define milestones; and calculate project costs.

This will improve your efficiency, prevent errors and increase customer satisfaction.

Real-time reporting, MRP I and II

Prevent product shortages with Material Requirements Planning (MRP). It allows you to plan your purchasing and sales based on customer requirements.

This way, you deliver the promised product on time and avoid unnecessary costs for inventory or outside production.

Outsourcing and managing subcontracts

Define and record external processes in your parts list. The add-on places these processes on the list as service (capacity) or assembly (free issue of stock).

This allows you to keep a grip on the input and output of external manufacturing processes. In addition, you keep insight into what costs the external process incurs by adding this data to your production costs.

Data collection on the shop floor

BEAS offers the ability to capture data on the shop floor via terminal functionalities.

For example, you automatically record production quantities, production times, process and energy data, and material transactions.


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Why do manufacturing companies use Beas Manufacturing?

With this add-on, Boyum IT Solutions delivers a robust and scalable solution that provides flexibility and is easy to use. Beas Manufacturing helps streamline business processes, reduce costs and increase product quality.

Flexible manufacturing

  • Schedule work based on capacity and availability. Production data is updated and resources maximized.
  • Effectively manage multiple active BOMs simultaneously for the same item. Also easily track the impact of all changes per revision.
  • Build configurable, customizable, multi-option products. This ensures competitive advantage through higher effectiveness, fewer errors and increased customer satisfaction.

Reduce costs

  • Quickly calculate accurate product costs, prices and margins. Compare planned and actual costs, more accurately calculate your margins and profits, and support your decisions.
  • Predict planned production costs with the unique pre-calculation functionality. This allows you to gain deeper insight into production costs and discover points of savings.
  • Set up distribution rules for costing per production activity. For example, different rules for financial transactions in SAP Business One on the one hand and rules for transactions related to cost centers on the other.

Increase quality

  • Comply with required standards and legislation. You ensure product traceability at all times, reduce compliance costs and respond correctly to requests from regulatory authorities.
  • Predict and schedule maintenance and avoid downtime by using preventive and corrective maintenance plans.
  • Get deep insight into all components and parts of your production.

Quality, control and traceability in production

Promote the quality of your production thanks to a complete audit and electronic documentation process.

In doing so, you increase overall product quality and traceability. For example, easily view all components used in production, including which parts are involved and their batch or serial numbers.

Thanks to the higher quality of your products, you improve customer satisfaction and encourage customer loyalty.

Innovation made easier

Innovation is necessary because the market is constantly demanding new products, lightning-fast development and distribution faster than light. But that makes for a more complex supply chain.

Smart technology such as Beas Manufacturing then offers a solution. Thanks to the full integration of this add-on into your ERP solution, your employees work together unambiguously in the software.

Moreover, you have real-time insight into your production process. This allows you to react immediately if your customers’ needs change and guarantees their delivery times. With this add-on, you produce flexibly, reduce costs and deliver high quality.

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