SAP Business One for pharmaceutical wholesalers

Benefit from automatic serialisation and easy FMD compliancy with efficient logistics. With SAP Business One for pharmaceutical wholesalers, it can be done.

SAP Business One and Pharma: an ideal combination

SAP Business One is a powerful ERP solution for pharmaceutical wholesalers. It offers one system for all your business processes, as well as reliable functionality for serialisation and track & trace.

This gives you a complete and integrated solution that makes efficient logistics and FMD compliancy go hand in hand because we can also automate this process for you.

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Integrate serialisation into ERP

Manually scanning serial numbers to comply with the FMD (Falsified Medicines Directive) is labour-intensive and error-prone. Especially if you are still working with separate systems within your pharmaceutical wholesaler. This makes your logistics process less efficient. Moreover, it comes at the expense of your margin and scalability.

With SAP Business One for pharmaceutical wholesalers, we integrate serialisation and track & trace within the intelligent ERP software for you. As a result, serial numbers are processed automatically and fed back to the authorities. This saves time and prevents errors. Moreover, it gives you up-to-date insight into your business processes and stock at all times.

Benefits of SAP Business One for pharmaceutical wholesalers

  • Verify serial numbers automatically with track & trace
  • Handle FMD alerts efficiently
  • Easily demonstrate FMD compliance during audits
  • Report changes in serial numbers automatically
  • Centralise data once
  • Automate operations and create scalable processes
  • Use KPIs to gain more insight into logistics processes
  • Obtain up-to-date management information

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Handle FMD alerts quickly and in a structured way

Getting an FMD alert means work to do. Among other things, you have to find out why you got the alert and find a conclusive explanation. That takes a lot of time. And that is exactly what you often do not have.

With SAP Business One for pharmaceutical wholesalers, you handle FMD alerts quickly and in a structured way. How? Find out in our blog ‘How to handle FMD alerts quickly and structurally’.

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What do our parmaceutical customers say?

“SAP Business One is the core of our business. It controls the entire ins and outs of our organisation. And what’s more, there is still a lot of stretch in the system. Amista is our lifeline in case of problems and sounding board for further development.”

Jürgen Priem, IT-manager, MLS

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