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With the Sales app for SAP Business One, salespeople have direct access to the information that is most important to them in SAP Business One. Through the Service app, your service technicians can easily view and handle service tickets, remotely, from smartphones and tablets. With this app, service technicians are directly connected to your SAP Business One system.
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The SAP Business One Apps: the Mobile Service App and the Sales Mobile App

The mobile Service app for SAP Business One is directly connected to your application. This streamlines and digitises your field service technicians‘ service and maintenance processes directly in the system.

Your service technicians can, remotely, view and handle assigned service tickets easily and efficiently from smartphones and tablets. Invoicing is also processed directly through this integration.


With the SAP Business One Sales mobile app, sales reps have instant access to all their sales activities. The mobile app connects to your SAP Business One system, giving sales reps access to the most relevant business information and processes within the system.

The capabilities of the mobile service app

  • Check assigned service tickets for specific dates
  • View customer addresses on cards and call customers
  • Scan barcodes or QR codes to identify items and update information
  • Create and view sales orders for service tickets
  • Collect customer signatures and close service tickets
  • Print service ticket summaries with a portable Bluetooth thermal printer
  • Generate and share reports for service tickets
  • View KPIs on a dashboard

SAP Business One Sales mobile app

The mobile Sales app helps manage customers and sales efficiently and successfully.

  • Coverage of the entire sales pipeline and handling of all sales-related documents, including opportunities, quotations and orders
  • Managing customers and leads using analytical information and intelligent forecasts
  • Control daily activities and record all check-ins
  • Monitor sales performance using predefined KPIs
  • Check inventory levels and get product details
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With the apps for SAP Business One, mechanics and maintenance technicians can easily and efficiently view and handle assigned service tickets from smartphones and tablets, and salespeople have instant access to the most relevant information in the SAP Business One system. This allows them to perform their work efficiently. Anywhere, anytime.

Designed for teams on the road. The SAP Business One Sales mobile app for iOS and Android.

The mobile Service of Sales App for SAP Business One, that is



for Service:

  • Primarily designed to support the activities of service engineers and field service technicians.
  • Provides insight into service tickets
  • Possible to view linked sales orders

For Sales:

  • Primarily designed for sales functions, holistic CRM management and boosting sales productivity
  • Provides insight into customers, deals and predictability in sales activities


  • Easy to use
  • User-oriented
  • Simple scan and photograph function


  • Provides real-time access to data in SAP Business One
  • Ability to react immediately and initiate processes
  • Changes are automatically updated in the SAP Business One backend

Dashboards and reports

Design intuitive, interactive dashboards and reports that answer your most pressing questions. Managers can also accurately track revenues, costs and cash flow; assess performance; and quickly take corrective action.

Real-time analytics

Access and evaluate information faster with powerful real-time analytics. With SAP Business One, you can simplify data search and on-demand creation of standard or ad-hoc reports.

Mobile Service App included as standard with your SAP Business One licence

Mobile apps are a standard part SAP Business One licences.
The Mobile Service App is a standard part of a professional or limited SAP Business One licence. Available for both HANA and SQL users.

With the release of SAP Business One 9.3 PL04, SAP introduced a new Mobile Service App for SAP Business One HANA. As of release 10.0 FP2105, this has also been made possible for SAP Business One SQL customers.

The Mobile Service App is available on both iOS and Android and works on smartphones and tablets.

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