Mobile Apps in SAP Business One

Real-time service and sales information from your ERP system at your fingertips, any time, anywhere. Literally. Thanks to SAP Business One Mobile Apps, your field staff can work quickly and easily with the most up-to-date data.

What are Mobile Apps?


SAP Business One Mobile Apps give your field staff real-time access to the information they need to do their jobs. Any time, anywhere. Straight from your ERP system.  

There are two mobile apps: SAP Business One Sales and SAP Business One Service.

These apps are easy to use and allow the employees of your Dutch or Belgian SME to respond immediately to situations in the field. 

This means that follow-up processes get under way faster. Changes employees make in the apps are automatically updated in the SAP Business One database.  

In addition, the apps have a convenient scanning and photo function to quickly process physical documents, for example. Both apps are compatible with iOS and Android. 


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SAP Business One Mobile App – Sales

The SAP Business One Mobile App for Sales gives your sales reps instant access to all their sales activities.  

The app connects to SAP Business One, giving sales reps access to the most relevant business information and processes within the system. 

The benefits of the SAP Business One Mobile App for Sales

  • Primarily designed for sales functions, holistic CRM management and boosting sales productivity
  • Real-time insight into customers, deals and predictability in sales activities
  • Manage the entire sales pipeline and handle all sales-related documents, including leads, quotes and orders 
  • Manage customers and leads using analytics and intelligent projections 
  • Get support in arranging daily activities and recording all check-ins 
  • Monitor sales performance using predefined KPIs 
  • Gain insight into current inventory levels and product details

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SAP Business One Mobile App – Service

The SAP Business One Mobile App for Service is virtually indispensable to your maintenance technicians. The app allows them to view assigned service tickets from a smartphone or tablet.  

After the work is done, your customer can provide an approval signature. Your maintenance employee can change the status of the service ticket just as easily, which is then automatically updated in SAP Business One. Invoicing is also handled automatically.    

The benefits of the SAP Business One Mobile App for Service

  • Primarily designed to support the activities of field service technicians and maintenance technicians 
  • Easily gain insight into service tickets and their associated sales orders  
  • View customer addresses on maps and call customers directly 
  • Scan barcodes or QR codes to identify items and update information 
  • Create sales orders for service tickets 
  • Collect customer signatures and close service tickets 
  • Print statements of service tickets via Bluetooth using a portable thermal printer 
  • Generate and share reports for service tickets 
  • View KPIs for service on a clear dashboard 

What our customers say about SAP Business One

“After the acquisition, the amount of work grew so astronomically that automation was an absolute necessity. SAP Business One takes an awful lot of work off our hands. We could no longer work without it!” 

 Gerbrand Hirink, Financial Director, IPP Holland B.V. 

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