SAP Business One for Wholesalers

Real-time insight into your inventory and the entire chain for your Belgian or Dutch SME wholesale business? Prevent loss of sales due to items not being in stock? It's possible with SAP Business One and the add-ons Produmex WMS and Produmex Scan for wholesalers.

SAP Business One: the optimal ERP for wholesalers

SAP Business One provides a single system for all your business processes and real-time insight into your inventory management. Is your inventory spread across multiple warehouses? No problem.

You can still manage your inventory optimally with this powerful ERP solution. This will strengthen your clout and keep you one step ahead of other Dutch and Belgian SME wholesalers 

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An innovative wholesaler through smart automation

Although inventory management is your core business, you need to excel in many more areas as a wholesaler today. This may present you with challenges. Especially when your margins are under pressure.  

Process optimisation, efficiencies and innovation are therefore very important for your wholesale business. Especially when you operate in an international arena. With our wholesale solutions, you will overcome all these challenges. 


Take your inventory management to the next level with SAP Business One 

  • You avoid lost sales because items are always in stock 
  • You have real-time insight into your inventory 
  • You can guarantee high delivery speed 
  • You execute orders consistently across all channels 
  • You create efficient, accurate and personalised customer experiences 
  • You deliver a good price 

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What functionalities does SAP Business One have for wholesalers?

By automating your business processes, you benefit from optimal insight into the entire chain. From purchase to delivery and everything this entails. Your employees can then access the information they need, such as the status of deliveries, logistics and the product range. And you can make the right strategic decisions.

Inventory and distribution

Using the inventory functionalities in SAP Business One, you can accurately manage incoming and outgoing deliveries, master data by item and price lists. 

You can also define alternative items, adjust inventory numbers, revalue inventory costs according to current market values, perform periodic counts and create pick lists for open customer orders. 

With these features, you streamline your process and receive a notification for each inventory item when a count is needed. 

Inventory locations

Thanks to SAP Business One, you have multiple location levels within a warehouse, allowing you to stockpile goods at different bin locations.

You can configure these locations based on specific parameters, constraints and requirements. 

Picking and packing

With SAP Business One’s picking and packing functionalities, you manage the picking and packing process clearly in three queues.

When you enter sales orders, you see these orders in an ‘open’ queue. You can release this queue for picking and subsequent delivery. 

Serial numbers and batches

In SAP Business One, you use templates to create serial numbers automatically. You can also assign batches to products and rank these products by an attribute, such as shelf life.

You can then use the batches of these products for customer orders, delivery notes and stock movements. 

Price lists

With SAP Business One, you can set up different price lists linked to specific customers or suppliers.

In addition, you can specify prices per quantity unit based on packaging. Convenient price list options help provide overview and structure. 

Master data per item

With this functionality in SAP Business One, you define inventory items from production and procurement or from resources that you cannot keep in stock. Consider labour, travel and fixed assets. 

You can also manage default information about an item: the supplier, unit of measurement for purchases and sales, tax status, etc. In addition, you can store inventory items in multiple warehouses.

Expand SAP Business One with specific add-ons for your wholesale business

Boyum IT is one of the leading SAP Business One add-on partners. The add-on developer offers additional modules specifically for the wholesale sector. Modules widely used by wholesalers. 

Produmex WMS

Effortlessly manage inbound and outbound logistics functionalities with a Boyum IT industry solution. Together with SAP Business One, the solution provides all the sector-specific functionality you need to meet customer, industry and regulatory requirements for logistics service providers. 

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Produmex Scan

Scan the barcodes of your items quickly and precisely with this easy-toimplement barcode scanning solution from Boyum IT. This solution automates standard SAP Business One inventory transactions and business flows in real time.  

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Our customers on smart business processes for wholesalers

Our entire company runs on SAP Busines One. The analyses are the most useful to me: they show me how things stand and give me the information I need to make decisions.”

Carlo Postulart, procurement and sales, MaxiCool 

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