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With barcode scanning in your warehouse, you work up to ten times faster and more accurately than if you carry out these transactions manually. Barcode scanning is a standard part of Produmex WMS. Increase productivity in your warehouse with barcode scanning and benefit directly from real-time insights in your SAP Business One system.
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The Advanced WMS add-on

The add-on Produmex WMS, in combination with SAP Business One, offers all industry-specific functionality required within the wholesale industry.

It provides wholesalers with highly advanced inventory management and accurate recording of all inbound, internal and outbound transactions, including conditioned storage. This ensures full traceability and a fast order-to-cash cycle!

Produmex WMS is a certified WMS solution for SAP Business One.

Boyum IT

Boyum IT is an SAP Business One add-on partner. The company provides certified add-ons worldwide that tailor an SAP Business One system to a company’s requirements.

Produmex WMS is one of the add-ons from this Danish company. With this WMS solution, a company has all the industry-specific functionality required.

Warehouse management with Produmex WMS

  • Accurate stock management (in all your warehouses)
  • Increased productivity through barcode scanning
  • Act on facts through instant visibility and traceability
  • Correct information increases customer satisfaction
  • Fully customisable to your specific requirements

Seamless integration of WMS and ERP

A complete and seamless integration between a WMS system and an ERP system provides valuable management information.

Linking your WMS system to SAP Business One ensures that all data from the various programmes are available in one place. You always have the right information to analyse your stock and make effective decisions.

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Simplify your inventory management

Real-time inventory data supports accurate order fulfillment. With Produmex WMS, Boyum IT’s advanced solution, you have all the functionality you need.

For example, you identify the fastest-moving stock so you can place it close to your packing stations. As a result, you reduce the filling times of these small or standard orders.

With advanced inventory management, you analyse your stock and optimally plan the storage of your raw materials and goods. Eliminate excess stock but also prevent goods or raw materials being out of stock or in the wrong quantity.

Speed, flexibility and traceability

Is your business part of a global supply chain that requires speed, flexibility, traceability or compliance? With Produmex WMS, you easily meet these requirements.

The strength of this WMS system for SAP Business One, lies in its comprehensive warehouse management functionalities. From simple processes for inventory transactions, to identification (SSCC) support and customer-specific inventory allocation strategies.

Forward and backward traceability

Produmex WMS also offers advanced batch attribute management. With full conditional and backward traceability, customers easily meet demanding compliancy rules. The standard functionality of Produmex WMS includes:

  • Advanced batch and batch attribute management
  • The ability to print and scan GS1 and SSCC labels to meet industry requirements

Standard Produmex WMS features

  • Warehouse, bin, zone, silo/tanks, docks and order picking carts
  • Full shipping code (SSCC) support, including nesting
  • Hard allocation and stock management per customer
  • Goods receipts with controlled storage
  • Inbound and outbound container management
  • Quality status and release management
  • Automated replenishment, stock transfers and cross-docking
  • Delivery and route planning
  • Zone, multi and wave picking
  • Unpacking, shipments, RMAs and returns
  • Support of multiple cycle counting strategies
  • Flexible label printing and reporting

Produmex WMS versus Produmex Scan

Your industry places high demands on your logistics processes. Which warehouse solution meets your requirements? Will you opt for the complete industry solution Produmex WMS or will the functionality of the easy-to-implement Produmex Scan suffice?

Produmex WMS

Produmex WMS provides you with all the industry-specific functionality you could wish for. It supports every logistics function to help distributors and manufacturers meet customer, industry and regulatory requirements.

Produmex Scan

Produmex Scan is an easy-to-implement barcode scanning solution for warehouse workers that automates standard SAP Business One inventory transactions and business flows in real time.

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