Dangerous Goods Declarations automation with OCR

Technology used

RecoMatics Document Suite

Dangerous Goods Declarations automation with OCR

One of the world’s largest shipping companies specialising in international container transport.

The client ships containers from one corner of the world to another. When they transport dangerous goods, the law requires them to use Dangerous Goods Declarations (DGDs). These should ensure that authorities can easily check that the goods transported are correctly packed, labelled and declared.

The solution: RecoMatics Capture

By combining existing and new OCR technologies, we were able to configure our RecoMatics Capture software to customer needs.

The problem: paperwork chaos

DGDs are drawn up by local agents at departure ports, usually under high time pressure and with no fixed structure. Lack of structure, authorities don’t like to hear that. Therefore, the client went looking for a way to link DGDs and containers more efficiently.

The solution: automation with OCR

By automating the processing of DGDs, our software can automatically match the right DGD to the right container in 80% of cases.

This ensures more accurate reporting of dangerous goods, without agents having to work harder – quite the contrary. Moreover, for the customer, our software acts as a lever for further change management in their organisation.

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