Recognition & Validation (RecoMatics Capture)

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Data capture and extraction made easy

RecoMatics Capture is the software that turns your document flow into structured data. Thanks to the software’s various modules, paper and digital documents are correctly read, classified and exported to your own systems. And that with minimal human effort.

RecoMatics Capture combines techniques such as OCR, ICR, barcode and QR code recognition, allowing the software to process all kinds of data, from digital to handwritten documents.

Consultants at work

Step-by-step data capture and extraction

RecoMatics Capture is built in several modules, which ensure the correct processing of your documents step by step.


  • Input – we pull in documents
  • Classification – we determine the type of document via rules
  • Recognition – we extract the correct information
  • Verification – we double-check the selected data
  • Export – to your ERP or back-end system

For all documents…

With RecoMatics Capture, we manage to process documents all kinds of automatically. Not only invoices, but also transport documents, expense reports, contracts, HR documents, work orders and even your proprietary documents.

… and all systems

RecoMatics Capture is platform-independent, just like our other products. That means you can integrate it with any possible ERP system or business application. Even if you change systems, document processing is maintained without loss of data.

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