Public Sector

Digital technologies are bringing transformative change to society, you can drive the digital and cultural change needed to steer your organization through disruption and achieve the best outcomes for your citizens.
Public sector SAP solutions

Public sector digital transformation

The last few years have been extremely challenging for public institutions. The global pandemic, climate changes and economic crisis require governmental institutions to come up with structural solutions and actions. Preferably in transparent and more digital way, on a local and federal level.


Digital infrastructure

As society moves to an information dense environment with data-management at its core, cities can now use immersive systems to analyze and research data to improve the quality of life for their citizens. Smart-cities are the pioneers of a data-driven society looking to improve the economic resilience and strength in technology.

Data-driven policies

Data is knowledge, this is also the case for governmental and public entities. Technology-related gaps can be reduced drastically by using the proper information systems and training the workforce to enable a strong linked-up structure.

Personalized citizen support

Citizens are more digital than ever, and expect the same from their public institutions. We are used to getting personalized (and instant) information when searching online, and governmental institutions are required to provide the same. The data is already there, so the right technology will allow citizens to find all the information on their own, or help them find the right people to contact.

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Public Sector value drivers

Based on our knowledge of the industry we have identified strategic KPIs – so-called Value Drivers – that are relevant in the Public Sector:




The digitalization remains a challenging process regarding securing the environment in which the system is used. The cyber threat is always luring on the horizon, without careful precautions cyber security is in danger. Refraining from investing in cybersecurity causes sensitive information to be at risk.




Societal challenges surged costs and elevated the bar to invest in smart-systems. Inflation nowadays causes crucial investments to be postponed, that help reduce costs and energy usage. The need for cost-reducing processes has never been this high.


Societal shift


As for society itself, the younger generation expects instant servicing of information, transportation and solutions. For large institutions to provide these expectances, a shift in information availability needs to happen in a secure and transparent manner.


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