To adapt to an ever-changing world, industrial manufacturers must redefine their processes and create value in industry value networks.

In a rapidly changing world, manufacturing companies are facing diverse challenges

Major trends are reshaping the Industrial Manufacturing industry.

Customer-driven change

Customers expect products that fit their needs at competitive prices and in a pay-as-you-go and usage-based pricing model.

The key is to capture customer requirements effectively and drive new business models and mass customization. 

Globalization and right-shoring

To make the best use of regulatory and location advantages industrial manufacturers need to be able to shift resources, production, and financial funds around the globe flexibly.  

Considering a right-shoring strategy, manufacturers companies must capture, analyze, and manage all supply chain costs to establish a total landed cost analysis.

Digital is the new norm

Technology provides a mechanism to respond to increased customer expectations and changing demands.

Still, it poses challenges from organizational setup to having the right talent to operate in a cyber-secure environment. 

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Manufacturing value drivers

Based on our knowledge of the industry we have identified strategic KPIs – so-called Value Drivers – that are relevant in the manufacturing industry:


Be customer centric
  • Increase in revenue from new products
  • Increase in customer satisfaction
Serve the segment of one
  • Reduction in total manufacturing costs
  • Reduction in total logistics costs
  • Increase in on-time deliveries
Embrace digital smart products
  • Increase in revenue growth with better product personalization
  • Reduction in R&D costs
  • Reduction in total manufacturing costs
Implement the digital supply chain and smart factory
  • Reduction in asset service and maintenance costs
  • Reduction in asset downtime
Develop service-based business models
  • Improvement in service profit margin
  • Increase in service revenue from new business model

How we support you

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

Streamline your business operations and move your business forward.

We advise


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Manage Customer Interactions

Improve your customer interactions. Consolidate and standardize customer data from all sources, online and offline.

We advise SAP Customer Data Solutions

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Field Service Management

Improve efficiency and decision-making while reducing costs. Optimize operations, empower managers, technicians and dispatchers.

We advise SAP Field Service Management (FSM)

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Intelligent Asset Management

Plan, optimize, execute and track the maintenance activities of all your assets.

We advise SAP Intelligent Asset Management

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Training and Support Content

Easily create, maintain and deliver performance support, learning material and documentation content for all SAP and non-SAP business applications.

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Low-code Development

A low-code solution enabling you to create enterprise solutions without writing code.

We advise SAP Build 

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Optimizing Maintenance Operations with SAP FSM at Balta

For the 6 Belgian plants SAP Plant Maintenance has been implemented (and some other plants under roll-out).

Amista implemented SAP Field Service Management (SAP FSM) for all technicians (internal and external), nearly 300 and their number is growing.

All maintenance orders (curative as well as preventive) are created in SAP ERP and are transferred to SAP FSM depending on their status. Once in FSM, they are planned and dispatched by the planners in the different factories.

Dispatched orders are pushed to the mobile devices of the technicians including predefined Checklists depending on the type of work.

SMEs take the leap to advanced manufacturing with Beas

SAP Business One is the ideal ERP solution for SMEs. This solution offers the right fit to streamline all business processes of SME companies.

Companies with advanced manufacturing boost processes combining SAP Business One with Beas Manufacturing.

This advanced and industry-specific solution is fully integrated into the structure of your ERP solution. The combination of SAP Business One and the specific advanced industry features of Beas Manufacturing help you to produce flexibly, reduce costs and deliver high quality.

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Helping customers excel in their business with software and service. That’s our goal. Want to discuss how we can support your manufacturing business? We’re here to give honest advice!

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