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SAP Business One

About our client

IPP Holland, together with its sister company IPP Poland, is one of the leading manufacturers of products for professional horticulture. The extremely modern machinery and technically high-quality designs make it possible to manufacture products that meet the highest quality requirements, allowing these products to find their way on the European and world markets. All products are made from high-quality recycled plastics that are in turn fully recyclable.

IPP Holland and SAP Business One

Among other things, IPP Holland produces flower buckets, plant containers and trays made of completely recycled plastic for growers and wholesalers worldwide. With SAP Business One, IPP Holland took a step towards automation. This was badly needed to handle the enormous amount of extra work after the takeover of a company and to maintain an overview.

Challenges & opportunities

  • The outdated accounting package needed replacement
  • Processes such as inventory and logistics were managed on paper and in various Excel sheets
  • The acquisition of an additional company more than doubled turnover and activities, making the old way of working untenable

Why SAP Business One?

  • IPP Holland wanted a complete solution to automate all processes, but especially inventory and logistics, SAP Business One excelled in these areas
  • The sister company in Poland was very satisfied with SAP Business One
  • Amista offers good guidance with setup and aftercare and is known as a reliable party solutions

After the acquisition, the amount of work grew so extremely that automation was more than necessary. SAP Business One takes an awful lot of work off our hands. We couldn’t live without it anymore!

Gerbrand Hirink, Financial Director


Having all data in one system saves time, stress and manual work and is less prone to error because information is now always up-to-date and easy to view.

Also, the process from quotation to invoicing is now much more efficient, faster and transparent.

Thanks to SAP Business One, IPP Holland now has clear insight into both raw material and product inventory, including availability. Improved inventory and production planning are possible through production planning, inventory management and sales history. The system automatically updates both finished product and raw material inventory. Customer satisfaction has increased due to better status and availability information. With the same number of people, IPP now does more than double the amount of work as before acquisition thanks to improved efficiency of SAP Business One.

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