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Chr. Muller Touw

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SAP Business One

About our client

Chr. Muller Touw specializes in the development, production and trade of rope, rope products, cordage and related articles. The company offers products for construction industry-fishing-shipbuilding-water sports-recreation-advertising-design and the agricultural sector, among others. The Dutch company supplies all over North-West Europe.

Chr. Muller Touw and Sap Business One

Rope is used in almost every industry. Consequently, Chr. Muller Touw supplies a variety of companies, from the construction industry to the fishing industry. SAP Business One provides the insight and overview that Chr. Muller Touw needs to efficiently process over 250,000 kilos of yarn into braided rope each year. Chr. Muller Touw employs 13 people.

Challenges & opportunities

  • Old system still ran on MS-DOS and was in urgent need of replacement
  • Lots of error-prone and manual work with loose papers and labels in multi folders

Why SAP Business One?

  • SAP Business One is a complete package in which much can be standardized, little need for customization
  • The organization immediately got a good feeling with Amista, which is still unchanged
  • The software is user-friendly and easy to work with

With SAP Business One, we have control over all levels of our business, in real time and around the world. We can always access our data from anywhere, and make immediate adjustments and adjustments as needed.

Christiaan Ruinard, Purchasing & logistics


Implementing an EDI link to automate outgoing invoices has not only saved significant time, but also customer satisfaction. Thanks to customization, SAP Business One automatically prints the correct number of label sheets when a customer or production order is entered, saving a lot of time, manual work and frustrations.

These optimizations have resulted in significant efficiencies, with fewer employees doing more work. This has not only led to growth in sales and margins, but has also increased the flexibility of the organization. Thanks to the centralized and unified source of information, working remotely has become effortless, with the ability to adjust quickly and anywhere if needed.

A deep understanding of sales processes provides steering information, ensuring that inventory levels are always maintained. This approach has enabled them to be flexible and responsive, ready to scale up or adapt to changing circumstances.

Looking to the future, they are also looking at scanners for automation of their warehouse.

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