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Formerly known as Alcomotive, Astara Western Europe has a strong heritage in the automotive business in Europe. On several occasions, the company played a pioneering role with the launch of new Asian car brands in different European markets. Astara Western Europe has a presence in 6 European Countries. The region headquarters are located near Antwerp, Belgium.

Solution brief

Nowadays, it is very easy to develop reliable high-quality apps quickly and to integrate these with backend systems. But how does this work in practice? And how does the integration get transferred to a central database? In this video, you will see how the Alcomotive group (now Astara) optimized their sales process by using an iPad app developed by Amista.

Situation analysis

Alcomotive is the European importer of the brands Hyundai, Suzuki, Isuzu and SsangYong. In 2015 the SAP CRM system went live within the Alcomotive group and we were responsible for the complete rollout of this project. Because of the large amount of data that was available and our experience in developing mobile apps, we have built a tailor-made app for the Brussels Motor Show event that gives a 360-degree insight into Alcomotive’s customers. The database contains about 1 million addresses, which is huge.


Via the app, the sales team can generate leads in a very consistent and efficient way. They follow up new leads via telephone and e-mail and allocate them to specific marketing campaigns. This makes segmentation and follow-up very insightful. Additionally, they can provide price indications to both potential customers and to a dealer in their neighborhood. In itself not that special, but the great added value lies in the fact that the data entered in the app is forwarded real-time to Alcomotive’s SAP CRM system. 

If a connection is temporarily unavailable, the data will be stored offline and forwarded later. The data is checked every two hours via SAP Data Services. By using SAP Data Services, we ensure that the addresses are always correct and that no double leads arise. Because the app has been extensively tested, it is a reliable solution and can handle large processing of data.

The group has been using the app since the 2016 salon and since then many functionalities have been added. This year, for example, the application has been extended with the registration of GDPR permissions and in the future, management of fleet accounts will also be added.

What I find useful as a sales manager is that the app synchronizes real-time with our SAP CRM system and is therefore always up to date, all possible car configurations and options can immediately be shown to visitors at the fair.

Jeroen Pierreux – Sales Manager Suzuki Belgium
Brussels Motor Show App for Astara

One of the biggest changes compared to the past is that we have a very efficient and user-friendly tool today. We have gained enormously in time and efficiency because we must process a huge amount of data and the app allows us to deal with it very easily. An additional point is the quality of the service provided by Amista in such a way that we do not have to worry during the event.

Kris Meylemans – Sales Manager Hyundai Belgium


The results are remarkable! The complete lead generation process has tremendously improved. Not only are the salespeople at the event able to capture way more leads than before, by connecting this simple and user-friendly yet comprehensive iOS application to the SAP CRM database, data is transferred in real-time, lead monitoring is automated and sales managers and dealers are given a clear insight into the next steps via the lead management tool.

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