Document Management & Compliance (RecoMatics SmartDoc)

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What is Intelligent Document Management?

Secure and efficient document management and automation both inside and outside the SAP Business One environment.

With RecoMatics SmartDoc, you centralise and securely organise all your documents. Within one intelligent platform, you archive all your business-critical documents and organise all your administrative workflows throughout your company.


Win time, space and money from day 1

Super easy start-up in days, not weeks

One central archive for everything

Search and find any document immediately

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Stop wasting time

We digitalise and archive all of your documents and content, and fully automate your existing document workflow.

With RecoMatics Smartdoc intelligent document automation you can:

  • Easily store all of your information and documents in one digital archive
  • Search and find any type of document immediately
  • Personalize and automate your complete document workflow
  • Integrate and sync with your existing systems (ERP, intranet…)
  • Be legally compliant (GDPR, VAT, …)

The old way of working

  • Manually entry of incoming documents, such as invoices, tickets, contracts, …
  • Receive documents via multiple sources such as Outlook, post mail, and so on.
  • Having a hard time finding that specific document you need right now.
  • Send reminders to colleagues to approve or follow-up on incoming documents.

The smart way of working

  • Digitalize any type of incoming document. No more manual entry, ever.
  • Securely archive all of your documents in one place, regardless the source.
  • Find any document in seconds.
  • Setup limitless workflows to automate your way of working.

The SmartDoc Platform

Intelligent document management and automation

Work with one central archive for all your document related information and take advantage of the AI-driven technology to install automated tasks and workflows throughout your company.

Combining functionality with an easy-to-use interface

The Smartdoc platform is under ongoing expansion and development since 2010, yet it is one of the easiest to use platforms on the market today.

At its core it has three functions – add, search and take action – to handle any type of incoming or outgoing document. Today it is used by hundreds of brands and thousands of users

Smartdoc and E-Box Enterprise Integration

The Smartdoc Ebox Reader automatically retrieves the documents in your e-Box Enterprise. Our integration recognises, classifies and secures the information received and assigns it to internal responsible parties.

  1. Don’t waste time downloading and assigning e-Box messages
  2. Every e-Box document directly to the right responsible party

The number of documents sent to the e-Box Enterprise from the government increases every month. As the person responsible in your organisation, this takes a lot of time. You have to log in and then download, interpret, assign and also store the documents correctly.

The Smartdoc e-Box Reader – in combination with Smartdoc or your own DMS – takes these tasks off your hands and automates the whole process. Thanks to our integration, documents are retrieved in real time and automatically reach the right person responsible. This way, you save time and avoid costly mistakes.

What our customers say about SmartDoc

“Thanks to SmartDoc, we have all document-related personnel information digitally in one place.”

Emilie Pollie, HR, Dolce La Hulpe

Tekniplex often has to deal with audit procedures. SmartDoc is the ideal support tool for quickly finding and collecting documents.

Pieter Vinck, IT Project Lead, Tekniplex

Step into the future

Documents are often stored in various places and in various forms. They are frequently sent back and forth to colleagues and between departments. As a result, the overview is often lost.

Are you still manually processing incoming invoices, handling contracts, …..?

RecoMatics SmartDoc ensures orderly and efficient management of documents, document flows, and workflows.

Step into the future. One without repetitive, time-consuming, daily, manual tasks. Say hello to your new future self! We save you tons of time by automating repetitive manual tasks.

Legal Document Control

Smartdoc is fully GDPR compliant

Smartdoc is a trusted solution for legal and GDPR compliant document storing. The process for uploading, registering and adding properties to documents is strictly defined.

  • Permissions are linked to roles in a managed way
  • Only those who really need to have access to a document are given that opportunity
  • All actions on a document are recorded in the logbook
  • Includes document life cycle management

Intelligent document automation for all types of industries

The RecoMatics SmartDoc document management system is applied in various sectors. Each one of them is a bit different and has different priorities. But regardless of the sector, Smartdoc ensures faster document processing, fewer errors occur and a cost reduction of at least 25%. Learn how Smartdoc supports different lines of business.

Solutions for every department

Not only all of your business-critical documents are gathered in a central archive and intelligent automation takes care of your work flows, RecoMatics SmartDoc also integrates and communicates with your other business software such as Windows 365, all common accounting systems, HR systems and ERP platforms. Learn how Smartdoc becomes the indispensable hub of your administration management.

Your transformation to a smart document automation is around the corner

You can start digitalizing and automating your document workflow in just a couple of days.



We analyze your different types of documents and content, and map out all of your workflows

Typically: 1 – 2 days



We implement Smartdoc in a matter of days and teach you how to operate it in under 1 hour

Typically: 3 – 7 days



You can start digitalizing and save lot’s of time and money from day one without turning over existing processes


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