Digitisation of laboratory applications for AZ Alma


AZ Alma

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RecoMatics Document Suite

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Located in the heart of the Meetjesland region in Eeklo, AZ Alma boasts state-of-the-art infrastructure, a range of facilities and state-of-the-art medical equipment. On 31 December 2022, AZ Alma had 493 beds, 149 doctors, 1,351 staff and 142 volunteers who put their slogan 'Care with a heart' into practice every day.

Digitisation of laboratory applications for AZ Alma

AZ Alma Hospital in Eeklo, which also has the Polyclinic in Sijsele, has 135 doctors and 1,440 staff and volunteers who work every day on ‘Care with a Heart’.

The problem: Crowded archives and processing of laboratory forms

The AZ Alma clinical laboratory receives 400 to 500 requests for laboratory analyses every day. By law, these paper requests must be kept for a minimum of three years.

This creates a huge paper archive, which meant that a safe, external storage place had to be found. It is therefore clear that looking up a filed application was not straightforward. A solution was sought to digitise these paper applications and at the same time make it easier to search for them.

The solution: barcode recognition with verification and link to archiving

In this search, they found a partner in Amista, specialists in digitising business processes.

The solution RecoMatics Capture was called in to recognise and archive each laboratory request based on the barcode(s) present. By automatically generating a PDF of each request and linking it directly to AZ Alma’s existing laboratory software (LIS), we were able to work out an archiving system that drastically reduced the costs of physical storage and simultaneously increased staff productivity.

In Amista, we found a partner that met our expectations and was able to provide a quick (and secure) solution to a problem that lasted for years. Our staff only have to focus on caring for our patients. Thanks to barcode recognition and automatic storage in PDF, all data is now also securely archived. Waste of time searching for information has thus been eliminated once and for all.

Christophe Vandenabeele – Laboratoriumdirecteur AZ Alma

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Proud of this achievement in a sector where every second can literally be a matter of life!

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