Discover challenges and opportunities for Energy & Utilities Management in a rapidly changing world to move to a sustainable future.

A rapidly changing world: the challenges energy companies are facing

Decreasing energy intensity

Data storage and processing both require tons of energy to operate, therefor efficient & smart ICT-environments can help in lowering energy usage. By decreasing the energy consumption you contribute to a sustainable energy model, helping the environment and lowering the carbon footprint. 

On demand production

As several industries move towards smaller and local production & processing plants, innovation and efficiency are a high priority to take away pressure from the distribution & system operators. By enabling a smart network, logging every action, the network is able to give a real-time demand on screen. With the help of AI and smart-utility services operators can efficiently apply, reducing costs and improving services. 

Preparing the workforce for change

Major changes in program usage and maintenance updates require a strong baseline in educating employees. Motivating and providing employees with proper material to work with remains a challenge for large-scale companies. The standard business model is disrupted, the need for innovation has never been this high. 

How we support you

Utility companies are evolving from aged information systems to new ERP environments, taking away costly waiting times and providing valuable data insights. To transition to a more datadriven management, Enterprise Asset Management plays a crucial role at large-scale infrastructure companies. At Amista we help these companies combine the latest SAP information systems with best practices to cover future needs.


SAP S/4HANA Cloud PE Asset Management

Offers comprehensive solutions for Utilities companies to manage their assets efficiently, reduce costs, and enhance tenant satisfaction. Leverage integrated asset management, predictive maintenance, and advanced analytics to achieve better operational efficiency, financial control, and compliance, leading to improved business performance.

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SAP Field Service Management

SAP Field Service Management (SAP FSM) streamlines and connects processes & data. The solution helps you improve efficiency and decision-making while reducing costs, doing more with less. With the solution, you can optimize field service operations, empower managers, technicians and dispatchers. As a result, you will improve customer experiences.

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SAP Business Technology Platform

Want to fully customise your SAP landscape without modifying your core system? Then get to know SAP Business Technology Platform. With this innovation platform, you can build apps, AI applications, data applications, integrations, automations, workflows and much more in no time at all.

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SAP Enable Now

SAP Enable Now provides the knowledge your employees need to succeed, exactly where and when it’s needed. Advanced capabilities help you improve productivity, user adoption, and the end-user experience.

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Implementation of SAP Enable Now to support new ways of learning at Pidpa

To support new ways of learning (e.g., in-app help, e-learning) and collaborative content making for all training purposes related to the new SAP S/4HANA system.

Are you in need of Industry-driven expertise?

Amista can help you start or enhance your utilities digital transformation, no matter where you are in your journey. If you have yet to move to cloud ERP, get started with RISE with SAP for Utilities. If you already have a cloud ERP enhance your utilities capabilities with specific industry cloud solutions like SAP Asset Manager.

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