Implementation of SAP Enable Now to support new ways of learning at Pidpa

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Technology used

SAP Enable Now

About our client

Pidpa is the owner of the public water distribution network in the province of Antwerp. They supply water that is used for human consumption to +1.2 million people.

The goal of this project

To support new ways of learning (e.g., in-app help, e-learning) and collaborative content making for all training purposes related to the new SAP S/4HANA system.

Pidpa SAP Enable Now

Challenges & scope

The scope of this project at Pidpa includes the implementation of new SAP systems for which a large amount of training material has to be created. The goal of this training material is to educate and support employees during the integration of and switch to the new SAP systems.

In consideration of this scope, SAP Enable Now was set up as a tool to create the training material. In SAP Enable Now a synchronization with SAP Solution Manager is established to provide the SEN library with the project structure.
For several departments, such as HR and Logistics, content has been created in various forms: simulations (and different modes), e-learnings, Web assistant (guided tours, in-app help), Desktop Assistant (guided tours, in-app help), documentation, … A switch is made from classroom training and practical manuals to a blended learning method: a combination of classroom training and online training.

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SAP Enable Now implementation

  • IT setup: Single Sign-On, Web Assistant, connection with SAP Solution Manager, workflow SAP Enable Now, …
  • SAP Enable Now library structure
  • Resources: resolutions, text styles, trainer, templates, documentation lay-out, …
  • Training authors and SME: training on Instant Producer, Producer, Web Assistant, Desktop Assistant, …
  • Write documentation: manuals, validation procedure, FAQs, …
SAP Solution Manager SEN project Pidpa

Synchronization with SAP Solution Manager

SAP Solution Manager has been implemented at Pidpa to manage their SAP applications in a better way by centralizing, enhancing, automating and improving the management of the entire system landscape. SAP Solution Manager offers support in adapting the landscape to the new requirements, for example implementing new business processes.

At Pidpa a synchronization between SAP Solution Manager and SAP Enable Now is established to create a library structure within the processes/transactions of the new SAP systems. As a result of the synchronization, the process structure is uploaded in SAP Enable Now where it will function as a library structure. All created training material is stored under this library structure. Regular uploads are made to SAP Solution Manager to ensure that the training material can also be saved and accessed from there. You can also easily see which documentation you have to adapt if you add functionality to a certain process this way.

Content creation with SAP Enable Now (SEN) for different departments

  • Purchasing
  • Logistics
  • HR
  • Finance

Pidpa wants to shift the focus from classroom training to blended learning by implementing SAP Enable Now. The aim is to promote independent learning combined with classroom training for the Pidpa employee. The content is created using SAP Enable Now and can be accessed at any time from a centralized library.
Classroom training will still be given using the material already created in SAP Enable Now (E-learnings, recordings,).

Content creation strongly depends on the needs and requirements of each department. For example, Web Assistant is implemented for HR tools such as SuccessFactors. Other departments rely more on the creation of recordings or e-learnings to provide their employees with the appropriate trainings.


  • SEN Consultant (Amista or other external partner): Creates the e-learning with SAP Enable Now (Producer) based on the input of the SMEs (Subject Matter Experts) and team leads, does the post-editing and enhances the training material. The consultant also plans status update meetings with the SMEs and the team lead for their respective stream to align with them and to process any feedback if possible. They are also a point of contact for all questions related to SAP Enable Now.
  • Team leads (Pidpa): Each team lead assigns and manages the SMEs for their stream. The team leads also check and verify the e-learning contents for their stream and are present on status meetings with the other team leads and the project managers. These meetings involve the schedule, deadlines, issues and updates etc.
  • Subject Matter Experts (Pidpa): Are initially trained in Instant Producer and afterwards in the Producer by an Amista consultant. The SMEs provide input for the consultant for the creation of e-learnings (e.g., screenshots, quiz question, information texts). They can also create their own recordings in the Producer, which will get enhanced by the consultant.
  • Product owner / Project manager (Amista): Creates and manages the schedule and deadlines in cooperation with the team leads. She is the person responsible for the project. Other tasks that the product owner / project manager has are training the SMEs, creation of e-learnings, support and advisory for learning strategies, general SEN support, validating e-learnings and maintenance of the SAP Enable Now library.
  • Technical team (Pidpa): does the initial setup of SAP Enable Now landscape. This teams develops, Governs and maintains all technical aspects of the project.
  • SEN expert (Amista & SAP): Initially gives trainings to consultants, SMEs and team leads. The expert also does the implementation of SAP Enable Now and Web Assistant. He provides support and advice on all general and complex topics regarding SAP Enable Now.
Amista SAP Consultant at work


  1. Instant in-app support in SAP S/4HANA /SuccessFactors/… by activating SAP Companion (previously known as Web Assistant and Desktop Assistant)
  2. Employees can train themselves independently where and when they want
  3. There is one learning platform for all Pidpa streams and roles. This ensures uniformity, easy accessibility and a clear structure of all available learning material
  4. All employees can create training material on the user-friendly Instant Producer. This means you do not need to be an expert in developing e-learnings


  • Cost & Time savings
    • A blended learning approach: classroom trainings combined with online learning
    • Reduction in adaptation time to the new SAP systems
  • Increased efficiency and productivity
    • Ease of use of the new learning environment
    • One general library containing all the created training material
    • Clear and clean structure
    • In-app help for the new SAP systems to improve the usage of the new SAP systems
  • An overall increase in employee satisfaction to work with new SAP systems
    • Better adoption of innovative solutions
    • Change management
    • Implementation of a new way of learning (e-learning culture) and IT support

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