Transport & Logistics

Changing trends and new economic models require more flexibility. Efficient management is the key to success.

Do you recognise these typical Transport & Logistics challenges?

Amista is a one-stop shop for companies whose core is logistics, transport and supply chain. With a diverse, complex and large application ecosystem, we are able to help them run their daily operations.



The rapid growth of global e-commerce sales adds complexity to supply chains, making forecasting and adaptation essential.

Employee experience

The ongoing war on talent, hiring and retaining talent.

Data silos and integration

Many logistics companies operate in silos, with separate systems managing different aspects of the supply chain (e.g., warehouse management, transportation, inventory).

Cybersecurity risks

As logistics becomes more digitized, the risk of cyberattacks increases.


The logistics industry operates in a highly regulated environment. Compliance with safety, environmental, and customs regulations is essential.

Legacy systems and innovation

Many logistics companies still rely on outdated legacy systems. These systems may lack scalability, flexibility, and interoperability.

Here are the solutions

SAP Business One

An ERP with a large range of add-ons to tailor it to your needs

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SAP S/4HANA Cloud, Public Edition

Ready to accelerate and scale-up?

Go to SAP S/4HANA Cloud


Connect all your integrations and people into one workflow automation.

Discover Boomi

Digitize your document flows and invoicing

Digital transport documents or invoices? Challenge accepted.

Intelligent Document Processing

Keep your core clean with SAP Business Technology Platform

Want to expand your systems over the years? Keep your core clean with SAP BTP.


Enable change with and for your employees

Change and Learning is an important factor for the success of your new systems.

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Here’s why it will work for you


Introduce new technologies
Better recruitment practices, training programs, and improved working conditions
Real-time visibility and seamless flow of data
The selection of a technology & partner who also offers cybersecurity expertise is key
IT solutions that automate compliance checks, track documentation, and ensure adherence to standards
Reduce technology debt and improve efficiency
Migrating to modern platforms, adopting cloud-based solutions, and investing in new technologies
Transportation & Logistics

Digital Transport Files for Hamann

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