Changing trends and new economic models require more flexibility from every entrepreneur. Customer orientation and efficient management are the key to success.

In a rapidly changing world, Retail companies are facing divers challenges

In a modern context, as a retailer you need a multifunctional, intelligent and user-friendly till. And that requires the right software.

What kind of cash register solution does your shop need?

Amista’s RetailPack and SAP Customer Checkout are a powerful solutions that can easily be expanded and can also be linked to your own accounting package or webshop. RetailPack and SAP Customer Checkout are POS systems used by shop owners to manage sales, stocks, reports and employees. These solutions can, if necessary, be linked to an ERP.

Omnichannel: webshops and e-commerce platforms linked ?

A physical shop is often no longer enough. Amista can also easily link your online store, webshop and e-commerce platforms because RetailPack and SAP Customer Checkout supports the integration of physical and online systems.

Retail software linked to payment terminals ?

You never have to interrupt your sales. RetailPack and SAP Customer Checkout works both online and offline. In addition, your cash register can easily be connected to wireless scanners, scales, printers, payment terminals and cash dispensers. This software can handle it all

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Usable in all sectors thanks to dynamically adjustable panels with buttons and photos
Complete and smooth operation via touchscreen or with mouse and keyboard
Facilitates different types of loyalty programmes
Supports all your outlets physically and via e-commerce
Works offline if required and syncs instantly when connected to network/internet
Features a comprehensive item configurator
All your reports are updated to the last second

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Retailpack offers various solutions and services for the retail sector to help shops optimise their operations and improve the customer experience.

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SAP Customer Checkout

SAP Customer Checkout provides a comprehensive POS solution designed specifically to help retailers manage their point of sale and improve the customer experience.

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Ekowinkel found in RetailPack the software package that grows with it

In 2011, Ekowinkel found themselves facing a pressing need for a larger-scale solution. Up to that point, they had been utilizing various software packages, most…

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