In the ever-evolving landscape of changing trends and economic models, entrepreneurs are navigating a demand for increased flexibility. Success hinges on prioritizing customer focus and efficient management. In today's modern retail environment, the essential tool for any retailer is a multifunctional, intelligent, and user-friendly cash register. The key to unlocking the full potential of such a system lies in the right software, and that's where Retailpack comes into play.
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Allround checkout system

RetailPack offers you a total solution. This POS (Point of Sale) software is more than just a cash register where payment is made. It is a simple yet complete system that includes:

  • Price lists
  • Promotional actions
  • Customer profiles
  • Stock lists
  • Order lists
  • Goods receipts
  • Invoicing
  • Sales
  • Reporting

RetailPack stands for a central organization of your entire store concept. Whether you operate with multiple physical points of sale or have a multichannel strategy, all your data should be handled only once, ensuring efficiency and consistency throughout your business operations.

Why RetailPack?

Adaptable to every industry, thanks to the dynamic adjustable panels

RetailPack consolidates all your data in one central location, providing you the flexibility to edit various types of information at any given moment. Quickly create new item ranges, add photos and input new features with ease.

Completely operated via touchscreen or with mouse and keyboard

Navigate RetailPack effortlessly without a keyboard. All functionalities for checkout, returns, discounts, loyalty points, transfers and more are available through a user-friendly touch screen interface.

Facilitates different types of loyalty programs

RetailPack’s built-in CRM system provides instant access to customer history. This feature enables you to offer more customized advice, tailored information, and personal messages for more customer engagement

Supports all your points of sale, physical and e-commerce

RetailPack operates in both online and offline modes. Easily link multiple webshops and e-commerce platforms, ensuring automatic updates for stocks, customers, and collections.

Equipped with an extensive item configurator

RetailPack takes into account classification into main group, subgroup and category. In addition, the system offers the possibility of creating a parent item subdivided by product characteristics.

All your reports are updated up to the last second

To measure is to know. Gain precise insights into your top-selling items, identify customers deserving extra attention, and pinpoint peak turnover periods.


Experience the synergy of online and physical shopping with RetailPack’s seamless integration.
When a customer places an order on the webshop, the order instantly reflects in the back office. Real-time synchronization of prices, collections, and stock ensures accuracy.

RetailPack, combined with our web service, transforms your webshop into a comprehensive shopping point. All essential information, including items, prices and real-time updates, populates the webshop effortlessly. Our system serves as the central hub for sourcing data, photos, and characteristics, and RetailPack seamlessly integrates with leading e-commerce platforms, offering you the flexibility to select the platform that aligns with your preferences.


Smart checkout management

If desired, you can diversify item management locally, for example, in connection with price, promotions or preferred supplier. Additionally, you can centrally manage items that may or may not be available per branch.

Your RetailPack system serves as the central hub for screening, ordering, and managing stock. Intelligent ordering recommendations are generated based on item history and inventory counts, ensuring optimal circulation.

Centralized user data and authorization levels are efficiently handled within the RetailPack system, allowing you to dictate who has access to specific information. Each employee is provided with a unique login code, and the system includes a time registration feature. With RetailPack, you streamline logistics, enhance management processes, and save valuable time.


Business insights and custom reports

Unlock a clearer perspective on your business with the valuable data extracted from RetailPack. The system allows seamless exportation of all information and data in various report formats.

Each day concludes with a perfect picture of the sales achieved, broken down by item group. Gain insights into the means of payment used, webshop visit times and high-turnover periods. Beyond standard reports, you have the flexibility to create custom reports tailored to your specific needs. Share your results effortlessly via email, print, or export to Excel. RetailPack effortlessly interfaces with all leading accounting systems and ERP platforms, providing adaptability in every direction.

Why Amista is your retailsoftware partner?

Amista has extensive experience in the world of POS solutions and can support you perfectly. We have a comprehensive understanding of your business. Together with you, we analyse how RetailPack supports your business. We train you and your staff and can continue to support you afterwards.


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