In the mechanical engineering sector, high-quality is the standard and with quick deliveries. Moreover, companies strive for continuous innovation, which requires an efficient approach. With Amista, you have a complete solution for production processes, production planning, order management, inventory management, customer relationship management and accounting.

Specialised and tailored approach

Dutch machine builders are true export champions: more than 82% of their sales come from foreign markets. The popularity of machines produced in the Netherlands is mainly due to the advanced technologies and specialised, tailor-made approach of the machine builders. Amista solutions support your growth and adapt to your needs



Paper documents

In mechanical engineering, the factory is still often controlled by paper work orders. Work orders are printed and sent to the shop floor. But do they contain the most up-to-date and correct information? And how do you communicate changes to the order during the production process in time?

By sending information real time and digitally to the shop floor, you ensure that production takes place according to the latest specifications.


Digitalisation of business processes

Machine builders digitise business processes with an ERP system: from procurement and production planning to delivery, invoicing and accounting. The advantage of this is that all data is stored centrally, giving you a single source for your processes.

Also consider mobile apps for different devices, so you can work anywhere – even on your smartphone or tablet.


Digitalisation of shop floor, warehouse and production chain

Automate your warehouse with a warehouse management system (WMS) integrated into your ERP, along with barcode scanners. As a result, the processes of incoming goods and picking parts for production run smoothly.
You now know exactly what is in stock and in what quantities.


Let data work for you

When all processes are linked and digitised, a large amount of reliable data is created. It contains useful information that gives a clearer picture of future demand.

You adjust your stock to this seamlessly. Via intelligent user-friendly reporting tools, you get the right information in time to make the best decisions. This keeps you ahead of the competition.

Value drivers in machinery

Based on our industry knowledge, we have identified strategic KPIs that are relevant in the manufacturing industry:


  • Links to CAD/PDM systems ensure a seamless design process.
  • Project-driven working also includes the logistics flows.
  • A customer-oriented approach means customised production and excellent service.
  • Digitisation of processes is essential as the mechanical engineering sector is growing fast (10% per year) and needs to become more efficient.
  • Optimal planning of personnel and resources is necessary.
  • Mobile working, including for service, offers flexibility.
  • Track & tracing of parts in the machines ensures accurate control and management.

How we help you

Amista’s ERP solution provides machine builders with all the tools needed to quickly deliver high-quality products while continuing to innovate. With one integrated system for the entire business management, you have real-time visibility and can efficiently drive the entire plant.


Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

Streamline your business operations and move your business forward.

We advise


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Field Service Management

Improve efficiency and decision-making while reducing costs. Optimise operations, empower managers, technicians and dispatchers.

We advise SAP Field Service Management (FSM)

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Training and Support Content

Easily create, maintain and deliver performance support, learning materials and documentation content for all SAP and non-SAP business applications.

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Integration with CAD/PDM

Integrate your ERP with CAD/PDM, making parts lists from these systems available at the click of a mouse.

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Advanced production with Beas Manufacturing

Make your production process more efficient from start to finish.

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Automated production and logistics fits CIREX like a glove

Together with partner Amista, CIREX continues to make optimizations in fully automated production and logistics, supported by SAP Business One.

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