Enough of CRM headaches? We have the prescription for you – SAP Sales Cloud!

Go for sustainable growth with an integrated tool for modern sales teams.
  • March 28, 2023
  • Officenter Vilvoorde, Luchthavenlaan 27, 1800 Vilvoorde

Say goodbye to CRM headaches

The overall CRM landscape today is very impressive. There are hundreds of solutions on the market. They all promise a better efficiency of your sales reps, an amazing collaboration between sales and marketing, reporting functionalities, a 360° view on your customers and so on. A dozen do have amazing capabilities and product features. However, we receive feedback from our customers and prospects that it is a ‘trial and error’ game. Is your current CRM tool causing more headaches than solving your sales challenges? Do you struggle with managing your sales processes and finding the right CRM solution? But how do you find out which CRM is best for your organization? What does your company really need in order to compete, grow and build trustful relationships?

We have the prescription for you – SAP Sales Cloud. Join us for a check-up and see for yourself why SAP Sales Cloud is the cure for your business pains. Say goodbye to CRM headaches and hello to better sales results!

Looking for the answers to these questions?

How can we deliver a​ seamless transparent sales experience across channels, from front to back-office?​

Which are the best customers and selling opportunities my sales reps need to focus on to drive the best business outcome?

How do I make engaging with our company as easy as possible for our customers?

How can I make sure my sales reps are using the CRM system to drive top line growth?​

SAP Sales Cloud screenshot SAP

This event is for you, if

  • you are looking for a CRM system that integrates easily with your SAP backbone
  • you are looking to replace your existing CRM for a different system
  • you are not sure which CRM enterprise solution is right for your specific industry needs or business requirements
  • your business is growing exponentially and you’ve outgrown your current CRM

Why consider SAP Sales Cloud?

  • Seamlessly integrates with other SAP solutions such as SAP ERP, allowing for streamlined data sharing and business processes.
  • Includes advanced analytics and machine learning capabilities to assist organizations in making data-driven decisions.
  • Designed specifically for large enterprises, offering a solution that can scale to meet the needs of large organizations.
  • Includes strong security features such as role-based access control, data encryption, and audit trails.
  • Offers industry-specific solutions, allowing businesses to tailor their sales processes to the specific requirements of their industry.
  • User-friendly, with an intuitive interface that makes it easy for sales teams to manage their sales pipeline and customer relationships.


Welcome & Introduction Amista

10h00 – 10h15


The positioning of SAP Sales Cloud in the CRM landscape of today

10h15 – 11h00


Hands-on demo of the new SAP Sales Cloud and its business benefits

11h00 – 11h45

A customer-centric after-sales experience

11h45 – 12h00

Bubbly networking lunch including 1-to-1 demo opportunities

12h00 – 13h30


Why attend?

  • Get an in-depth overview of the new, intelligent SAP Sales Cloud
  • Learn why SAP Sales Cloud is a superior solution, especially on pricing and integration capabilities
  • Get insights on the “one office” approach: future-proof your Sales & Service departments
  • Discover the benefits of using SAP Sales Cloud for medium to large enterprises
  • Connect with SAP Sales Cloud experts and ask your questions in a 1-to-1 Q&A/demo session

Say goodbye to CRM headaches and say hello to a pain-free sales experience with SAP Sales Cloud. It’s not just a quick fix, but an ultimate cure for your business headaches.


Michael Hossain Consultant Manager bij Amista

Michael Hossain

SAP CRM Consultant & Consulting Manager

Stephane Colin Management bij Amista

Stephane Colin

SAP CX Solution Expert & Managing Partner

Amista team at work

Arne De Craemer

SAP CX Service Cloud Consultant

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Luchthavenlaan 27
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Choose Amista as your CRM implementation partner

At Amista, we operate as your trusted advisor. Although we are a proud SAP partner, we only propose solutions that we believe are valuable for your company. With SAP Sales Cloud, SAP provides a cutting-edge CRM environment with future growth as a key strategic factor built into its core. The solution is not only intelligent and precise; it communicates with every available input and uses all information to fine-tune forecasts and support the sales team at every step.

Join us on March 28, if you are looking for a more effective and efficient CRM solution. Whether you’re using SalesForce or another CRM tool, this event is the perfect opportunity to discover SAP Sales Cloud and see how it can benefit your company.

We look forward to seeing you there!