Terumo’s digital transformation with SAP Business Technology Platform

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Technology used

SAP Business Technology Platform

About our client

Terumo Europe contributes to society by providing valued products and services in the healthcare market and by responding to the needs of patients and healthcare professionals. Terumo Europe is a core player in the EMEA healthcare market by providing best-in-class quality products and services.

With a vision focused on the future, Terumo decided in 2022 to revise their strategy and goals for an even more effective contribution to healthcare. This evolution included a deep digital transformation through the SAP Business Technology Platform (BTP), led by Amista’s professional expertise.

Futureproof solutions

Amista drafted a governance plan and oversaw project quality and specification compliance. They also devised future-proof solutions to support Terumo’s long-term vision. Various aspects such as integration platform services, API management and cloud integration helped Terumo modernize their IT infrastructure and introduce new functionalities, such as low-code solutions.

As a partner, we want to play a leading role in the selection and implementation of various capabilities within the SAP Business Technology Platform. Our goal is to jointly find solutions that perfectly match the specific project requirements.

Pieter-Jan Deraedt, Managing Director Belux at Amista
Proud of campaign Terumo

Automation and efficiency

Terumo chose SAP BTP because of its extensive integration capabilities. With more than a hundred applications within their landscape supported by SAP, it was essential to find a platform that integrates seamlessly with both internal SAP applications and applications from external partners. In addition, automating tasks, avoiding repetitive operations and reusing previously developed content were key requirements. Moreover, scalability was prioritized so that the platform could be easily implemented in different business units across several regions.

A unique business case

Inventory management is an essential process within our business model. Our representatives monitor hospital inventory on a daily basis, which can be a challenging process. This is why we developed the Consignment Scanning Application on SAP BTP.

Tim Van Camp, Senior Business Analyst Order to Cash at Terumo

Because of the specific working conditions, a number of strict criteria were established in advance. For example, an offline functionality was absolutely necessary, since not all hospitals have a stable and secure Internet connection. In addition, it was essential to integrate a technological functionality that allows barcodes to be scanned quickly and efficiently. “Since the application is used by two different user groups – Terumo Europe and Terumo Aortic – each with their own data systems, we developed a cloud application model hosted on BTP. This model allows us to determine which user has access to which system.” adds Renaat Haleydt, SAP Consultant at Amista.

Continuous improvement

Terumo processes about 50,000 messages daily and implements various applications in their business environment. A reliable partner is essential to efficiently support these processes. “Thanks to the close cooperation with Amista, we can rely on their advice and best practices. They continuously inform us about the latest functionalities and technologies of SAP BTP, which allows us to optimize our processes.” said Daisy Rolly, Manager Enterprise Architecture at Terumo.

Challenge accepted

The introduction of the Integration Suite four years ago has yielded significant results. “Some notable benefits include the increased speed at which new deployments can be made, as well as the time savings resulting from the flexibility of the system,” emphasizes Benny Cnops, Business Analyst Enterprise Integration at Terumo.

Amista’s motto, “Challenge accepted,” aligns seamlessly with Terumo’s team dynamic, with a “Yes we can” mentality. Thanks to this powerful partnership, Amista and Terumo continue to jointly invest in technology and innovation.

Sigurd Segers, ICT Application, Enterprise Architecture & Analytics Director at Terumo

Thanks to the professional support and expertise of Amista, which closely follows the latest developments within SAP BTP, Terumo remains a pioneer in the industry. The synergy between the two parties contributes to the improvement of products and services for patients and healthcare professionals, and to a better society.