Automated invoice processing for Luba Group


Luba Group

Technology used

RecoMatics Document Suite

About our client

With 50 branches across the Netherlands, they are the largest temporary employment agency in the country. With Luba Uitzendbureau, E&A Uitzendbureau and Vallei Personeel, Luba Group offers all-round and specialist staffing services in the fields of temporary staffing, in-house services, recruitment & selection and secondment.

Automated invoice processing for Luba Group

With Luba Uitzendbureau, E&A Uitzendbureau and Vallei Personeel, Luba Group offers all-round and specialist staffing services in the areas of staffing, in-house services, recruitment & selection and secondment.

Luba Uitzendbureau has been the hr-partner of SMEs for over 50 years. With no less than 46 branches, Luba provides optimal service, personal and close by. Luba’s goal this year is to connect 11.000 local talents with the SME sector.

E&A Uitzendbureau has been working for distribution centres, warehouses and production companies throughout the Netherlands since 1995. E&A focuses on Polish flex workers. Their well-being and satisfaction as a labour force is paramount.


Some of the concrete benefits for Luba Uitzendbureau

  • Shorter turnaround time and less manual work for each invoice
  • Easier and faster processes
  • Digital archive that’s available anytime, anywhere
  • No loss of documents
  • Improved financial and operational insight
  • Reduction in paper consumption
  • Complete and up-to-date audit trail from receipt to booking of the invoice



The problem: the processing of incoming invoices is an enormous task

Since Luba uses Unit4’s CODA financial system, an interface was also necessary to perfectly match the approval flow and booking proposal with the automated invoice recognition of RecoMatics Document Suite.

With more than 13,000 incoming invoices for the various branches each year, the manual processing of these documents is an enormously time-consuming task. Therefore the objective for Amista was to set up a solution to generate time and efficiency gains and to make invoice processing more transparent, consistent and centralised.

The solution: automation with ERP integration

With RecoMatics Capture, a smart solution was implemented that digitises, imports and bundles incoming invoices and credit notes. Thanks to OCR technology, the data is recognised and captured in order to initiate full automatic processing.

Moreover, with our connector for CODA (Unit4 Financials), the invoices are automatically booked into Luba’s system.

The words of praise from our Belgian colleagues from Agilitas, who have worked with Amista for years, confirmed that we chose the right partner. There was a clear anticipation of company-specific issues and priorities (with an emphasis on automation), which made the collaboration very smooth. Thanks to the very fast ROI, we now really notice the benefits of fully automated invoice processing.

Patrick Giebels – Corporate Controller Luba Employment agency

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