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About our client

Levanto brings brands, stores and visual identities to life - in any way you can imagine.Levanto takes pride in the projects it does, creates, delivers, installs and, when necessary, maintains. The company excels in light and facade advertising, (in-store) signing and full-color printing.

Levanto and SAP Business one

Advertising agency Levanto makes brand identities visible, including by means illuminated advertising, signage and window lettering. The company does this in the Netherlands and Belgium for big (retail) names. Since shortly after the start of the company in 2009, Levanto has been working with SAP Business One. With the help of Amista and the add-on Produmex WMS, the company gets the most out of this SAP ERP system.

Challenges & opportunities

  • In the very beginning of the compony, they worked with Excel for (among other things) inventory management
  • Because of the intended growth, a professional ERP system was sought
  • Customers demanded extensive reports and up-to-date insights – for example about the print runs of publications, in various formats, and at various locations – This cost Levanto a lot of manual research.

Why SAP Business One & Amista?

  • A former IT partner made a catastrophic programming error. The team at Amista ensured that work could be restored in record time
  • SAP Business One offers solid standard capabilities and many options for setting up business specifics without the need for further customization
  • Linkage with Produmex WMS, and specific serial numbers, makes it easy to track items throughout the supply chain
  • Stocks are accurate and picking is simple & fast with scanners.

SAP Business One brings us structured freedom. It provides the security and structure of a large standard system, but also offers enough room to add your own identity to it.

Luuk de Kunder, Director


Thanks to Produmex and SAP Business One, Levanto has seen significant improvements in warehouse operations. They need 2 fewer FTEs to perform the same warehouse work. Within just one year, they have seen an impressive 5% reduction in order picking error rate. This means they are now working more accurately and efficiently, with fewer potential errors.

Tackling large projects is now much easier, as they need less manpower and experience less stress. The entire company now works together conveniently within one integrated system, from management to planners and warehouse staff.

A key contributor to the success has been the addition of Produmex WMS from Boyum IT. This add-on has significantly improved item traceability, leading to nearly error-free order picking.

Amista has proven to be a hands-on partner that understands customer needs. They helped Levanto think critically about better alignment between business processes and SAP Business One.

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