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Change management for a new ERP system

No matter how large or small an organisation, a new ERP system will always require some adjustment from employees. Here's how we can help.
Lore Aernouts
Lore Aernouts
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What impact does an ERP system have on your organisation?

When implementing an ERP, the crucial aspect of guiding and supporting employees to embrace change is often overlooked. They will be the ones working with the new system day in day out.

Companies often focus on the big picture, neglecting the direct impact on the daily tasks of the employees. Failure to address this impact may result in resistance and even people leaving the company. To ensure ongoing employee engagement and motivation, a proper change management approach is essential both during the ERP implementation and post-Go Live phase.

What is change management?

Change management is a structured approach to guiding organizations smoothly through transitions such as implementing a new ERP system. It involves good planning, communication and support to minimize resistance and maximize success.

Why change management matters

User adoption

The successful adoption of an ERP system depends on employees’ ability to both understand and embrace the changes to business processes, feeling ready and prepared to begin working with the system. Change management guarantees that your team understands the reasons and benefits behind the transition, aligning their mindset with the objectives of the ERP implementation.

Resistance to change

Resistance to change is a common challenge in ERP implementations. Change management strategies help identify sources of resistance and address them proactively through communication, engagement, and involvement of key stakeholders. It opens up lots of opportunities to keep employees extra motivated.

Maximizing ROI

Your investment in an ERP system goes beyond the software itself. Change management aims to minimizing disruptions and ensuring a quicker return on investment by guiding and training your end users.

5 tips to make employees feel comfortable with an ERP system

At Amista, we guide our clients through this transformative process by following The ADKAR model (Awareness, Desire, Knowledge, Ability and Reinforcement). This model helps to empower the clients’ teams and navigate change effectively.

Here are some tips aligned with the ADKAR model for an effective ERP system and change management approach:

1. Inform your employees

Ensure that employees are well-informed about the reasons and significance of the new ERP system. Provide insights of the necessity of the change, its potential benefits, and the risks associated with not adopting it.

2. Highlight the positive impact

Cultivate a personal drive and eagerness within individuals to actively support and engage in the implementation of the new ERP system. Encourage an environment that highlights the positive impact of the change.

3. Provide training to employees

Provide comprehensive training and clear communication to ensure deep understanding of the change and equip individuals to navigate the new ERP system effectively, addressing any concerns.

4. Offer hands-on support

Focus on practical application by providing individuals with the necessary resources and support required for a successful transition. Offer hands-on training and guidance to help individuals ​develop the skills and capabilities required to embrace the new system in their daily work.

5. Celebrate successes together

Sustain the change by celebrating successes and reinforcing positive ​outcomes. Recognize and reward those who actively embrace the change, fostering a culture of continuous improvement withing the organization.

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Guidance and training by SAP consultants

The Amista learning team assists in establishing and integrating a (blended) learning strategy, using our proven Learning & Change Methodology framework, ZEN. ZEN is adaptable and can be tailored to meet the specific needs of your workforce. Our commitment goes beyond implementation; we guarantee comprehensive training for your employees, fostering confidence in utilizing the new system. Helping users adapt to a new ERP system is another way to making sure they embrace the change.

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