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Change management for a new ERP system

No matter how large or small an organisation, a new ERP system will always require some adjustment from employees. Here's how we can help.
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What impact does an ERP system have on your organisation?

When implementing an ERP, guiding employees into the right direction is forgotten all too often. After all, they have to learn to manage a new ERP system.

Companies often focus on the big picture, not on the impact it has on the tasks employees carry out. There is resistance sometimes, and this does not surprise us. In order to keep your employees on side, a proper change management approach is required throughout the ERP implementation and after go-live.

Paying attention to change management is essential with a new ERP system, as is employee guidance and training.

Kristof Depuydt, Sales Manager Amista

ERP system and change management: tips for an effective approach

Change management ensures that people understand the changes to the business process and not only accept the ERP system, but are also prepared for using it.

After all, change always feels awkward, but also opens up lots of opportunities to keep employees extra motivated.

Some guidelines to make sure your employees become familiar with the new ERP software as soon as possible


  • Put yourself in the user’s place
  • Recognise the importance of good information: the fear of the unknown is the biggest enemy
  • Take the company culture into account; don’t try to change everything.
  • Make use of the ‘power rangers’ in your organisation. These are people who might not necessarily be at management level, but who everyone respects.
  • Communication is key in change management. Make a communication plan and structure the messages so they are easy to understand.
  • Targeted ERP training plays a crucial role in acceptance.
  • Communicate SMART objectives for the ERP implementation and roll-out.

Guidance and training by SAP consultants

The specialists from SAP partner Amista first and foremost aim at key users of the ERP package when implementing an ERP. As such, these key users play an important role in the change management process.

“Right from the start, the key users help steer the implementation process,” says Kristof Depuydt. “Of course, to get the rest of the organisation motivated and on board, they have to be the first people to embrace the ERP package. They motivate other people within the company and communicate the advantages of the ERP package to the full internally.”

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