Business functions in SAP Business One 

Complete control of all processes within your Dutch or Belgian SME. Ensure it by using a comprehensive set of business functions within SAP Business One. Choose which functions best suit your business.

What are business functions?

SAP Business One has a wide range of business functions (modules) to optimally support your business processes.  

Thanks to the integration between these modules, you promote collaboration within your SME and easily ensure that processes are handled smoothly. Extensive reporting capabilities ensure that you continually know how your business is doing.  


All your finances transparent and neatly maintained according to generally accepted accounting principles. With as little manual work as possible.  

Thanks to the extensive functionality and reporting capabilities of SAP Business One, your financial records will always be completely in order.  


Within SAP Business One, you record resources, such as people and machines, in no time.

That makes managing those resources significantly easier, along with determining capacity, managing parts lists and generating production orders.

All are fully integrated within the financial and logistics process. 

Inventory management

Inventory management changes from guesswork to a precise operation thanks to SAP Business One. This is partly because you can track your warehouse inventory in real time.  

After each recorded transaction, your inventory level is automatically updated, including the cash value of your inventory if you wish.  

This gives you an accurate view of your inventory data, any time, anywhere.   

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SAP Business One is packed with features to streamline your procurement.  

This includes complete procurement and inventory management as well as order recommendations (MRP) based on sales forecasts, orders and other parameters (ATP).  

But it also includes support for the pick-and-pack process and extensive functionality for creating accompanying documents. And the great thing is that these are all standard functionalities within SAP Business One.


Preparing quotes and marketing documents is a breeze in SAP Business One 

For example, you can easily calculate the gross profit per sales document and have the last-offered sales price quickly to hand.  

Once your sales document is ready, you can move it to the next step with a single click. Moreover, you can export the document to Microsoft Word just as easily. 


SAP Business One enables even better service delivery.  

Comprehensive service management features support your staff in their operations, contract management, service planning and tracking customer interactions.  

You also gain greater insight into your service delivery with reports on open service requests, response times, and more. This provides much more control over your overall service level.  


Record all aspects of contact with your customers in SAP Business One. From identifying, discovering, qualifying and proposing leads to providing after-sales service and support.  

In other words, from prospect to long-standing loyal customer. You can then collect everything you know about your customers in a single system. 

Project management

Gain total control over your projects with SAP Business One. Manage all your operational and financial projects and bring all project-related transactions, documents and activities together in one central location.  

All projects can be divided into sub-projects or into different phases, to which you can link tasks. 

More than 70,000 customers in 170 countries use SAP Business One.

You, too, can benefit from the stability, reliability, continuity and innovative strength of this ERP system.

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What our customers say about SAP Business One

SAP Business One combines trading, production and assembly in a single system. That gives us important real-time insights and practical management information; exactly what we need to do business successfully across the globe.” 

Berthold Schaap, Director, Gröninger Cleaning Systems 

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