UI5con & reCAP 2023

  • July 06, 2023
  • SAP-Allee 27, 68789 St. Leon-Rot (Germany)
Amista SAP Consultant at work

The UI5con & Re>≡CAP teamed up to to create an incredible in-person conference this year!

Date: Thursday July 6th & Friday July 7th
Time: 08h00 – 22h00 CET
Location: ROT3, SAP-Allee 27, 68789 St. Leon-Rot (Germany)


UI5con is the ultimate conference for UI5 technology enthusiasts, bringing together a vibrant community of technical experts and developers. As a leading provider of innovative SAP solutions, we couldn’t be more thrilled to be present at this inspiring event.

Join us at UI5con Germany 2023, where industry leaders, UI5 gurus and talented developers will gather to share insights, knowledge, and experiences on the cutting-edge UI5 framework.



The reCAP conference is a highly anticipated event that brings together technology dudes, industry leaders, and visionaries to explore the future of technology and its impact on businesses. This conference serves as a platform to share insights, exchange ideas, and foster collaboration in the ever-evolving world of technology and innovation

At the reCAP conference day, our CAP expert Matthijs will host a session about our full-stack CAP App.

Join us for an in-depth look at our internal planning tool, developed by our team using a range of SAP Business Technology Platform technologies.
We’ll explore the role of CAP in our development process, and delve into the specific areas where it helped us overcome challenges and achieve success. At the same time, we’ll be open about the limitations and issues we faced, and share our thoughts on areas for improvement.

Technologies used include:

  • SAP HANA Cloud
  • SAP HANA Schemas & HDI Containers
  • Authorization and Trust Management Service
  • Destination Service
  • Job Scheduling Service
  • HTML5 Application Repository Service
  • SAP Build Work Zone
  • Document Management Service
  • Cloud Identity Services

We are a proud Gold Sponsor at both events!

As developers ourselves, we understand the importance of staying up-to-date with the latest trends and advancements in UI5 & CAP technology. That’s why we believe UI5con and reCAP are a must-attend events for all developers who are passionate about these technologies..

As a Gold Sponsor, Amista will be actively participating. Meet us to engage with our team of experts, discuss UI5 & CAP development challenges, and explore how Amista can support you in your (career) journey. See you!

Do you have a question about UI5 or CAP?

Matthijs Mennens

SAP Cloud Innovation Consultant