The rollout of SAP Business One has accelerated processes at Van Hees

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Van Hees B.V.

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SAP Business One

About our client

Van Hees B.V. has been a specialist in chemicals and laboratory supplies since 2002. Professionals can come to the company for an extensive range of chemicals. They also supply all types of laboratory glassware, various packaging and tools.

Van Hees and SAP Business One

Van Hees B.V. is a wholesaler of chemicals and laboratory supplies. Besides the extensive range of chemicals and wide range of laboratory supplies, the company has a license for excise duty-free cutting and delivery of alcohol in addition to all types of glassware. Van Hees B.V. employs 10 employees, 6 of whom use SAP Business One.

Why SAP Business One?

  • SAP Business One enables quick and easy switching between different departments
  • SAP Business One offers a standard solution that is compatible with production processes, including those in the chemical industry.
  • With SAP Business One, updates can take place without any problem and without having to change and/or re-enter customer-specific equipment.


  • Operational costs decreased by 8% after the implementation of SAP Business One
  • With SAP Business One, the automation of the purchasing department and its processes has been greatly improved
  • Within the sales department, quotations are now quickly and easily prepared, processed and followed up
  • SAP Business One offers the ability to work with various warehouses and associated functions

Using SAP Business One has made our processes faster. For example, sales can now prepare and follow up on requests faster and we have instant visibility across multiple warehouses. Our customers benefit directly from this and experience even better service.

Peter van Hees, owner

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