Theunissen Maastricht plans for the future with SAP Business One

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Theunissen Maastricht

Technology used

SAP Business One

About our client

Theunissen Maastricht specializes in selling coffee to retailers ranging from small grocery stores to internationally operating supermarket chains.

Theunissen Maastricht and SAP Business One

Many German consumers buy their coffee in the Netherlands. Theunissen Maastricht responds to this by selling coffee brands for the German market to Dutch companies in the border region, such as supermarkets, stores and gas stations. The company also sells more than 25 brands of coffee internationally. Caféclub, the best in coffee, is Theunissen’s own brand. With SAP Business One, the company brought in the best in business automation.

Challenges & opportunities

  • The severely outdated software required a lot of manual work and was outdated
  • 350 different coffee products in the range

Why SAP Business One?

  • SAP Business One is clear and user-friendly and has everything Theunissen Maastricht needed for the future they envisioned
  • SAP Partner Amista came up with a competent and reliable solution right from the first meeting

We have a lot of insight with SAP Business One and really couldn’t live without it. In the future we are going to gain a lot more through automation, I have plenty of ideas about that.

Patrick Theunissen, co-owner


Having all information in one integrated system has significantly improved operational efficiency. Information from SAP helps track inventory and determine purchasing, taking into account various variables such as shelf life and sales of a product.

In addition, this system provides easy insight into diverse figures such as exports, sales and waste management fees. The time savings in the invoicing process is enormous, as delivery notes and invoices are now ready within minutes.

Order history analyses make it easier to provide personalized offers to customers. Meeting customer inquiries and demands is now much easier, as all information is at their fingertips.

Moreover, they can now track orders of over 100 products effortlessly, something that would never have been possible by hand.

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