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Technology used

SAP Business One

About our client

RaDu is a one-man company with a small stock of pressure gauges and temperature gauges. Today, RaDu has grown into a company with 11 employees and a wide variety of measurement and control instruments, all available from stock.

RaDu and SAP Business One

The transport ships that RaDu supplies measurement and control equipment for are only minimally ashore. So in a market where there is often only 24 hours between order and delivery, speed is crucial. Thanks to SAP Business One, RaDu processes data at high speed, which results in satisfied and even surprised customers.

Challenges & opportunities

  • The old system needed to be replaced: it had no database and became increasingly slow as more data was entered

Why SAP Business One?

  • The all-in-one package SAP Business One contained everything RaDu needed, and more
  • Amista has a pay-per-use service which is very interesting if you know a lot about IT yourself: you only pay when you cannot solve something yourself

The combination of SAP Business One and the add-on B1 UP gives us a huge advantage over competitors in an industry where time literally costs money. I don’t think you can process data any faster.

Ramon Duunk, Sales Manager


The automation of the quotation process has resulted in maximum time savings, with RaDu now able to generate three quotations per minute. This speed significantly increases the chances of winning, especially given the time constraints on assignments.

Attracting staff is easier now that the knowledge is in the system as data. Deep content knowledge of the technology is no longer necessarily required; the system automatically provides alternatives.

The extreme speed of response has produced surprised and enthusiastic responses from customers, which increases our customer satisfaction.

RaDu has also made significant efficiency gains by automatically billing open delivery notes at the end of the day, and notifications about open actions are now visible in the team’s personal dashboard.

Finally, User Defined Fields allow RaDu to easily place important information in the default view and automatically deliver all required information to customers.

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