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SAP Business One

About our client

MLS nv is the main supplier of medical disposables for laboratories and hospitals in the Benelux, and supplies 15,000 products for various applications, such as blood collection, microbiology, and pathology. From syringes and needles to vials, scalpels, and lots of other medical products.

MLS and SAP Business One

There are a variety of ERP systems on the market. Many SMEs opt for SAP Business One because this platform best fits their daily reality. Thanks to SAP Business One, wholesaler MLS was able to respond to the exploding demand for medical disposables as a result of the corona pandemic. Amista’s ERP system helps MLS automate and standardize more and more processes.

Challenges & opportunities

  • Until 2012, MLS worked in a limited ERP package.
  • MLS got additional needs for which too much customization had to be developed in the old package
  • In addition, the company wanted to digitize many paper processes and there were more and more ERP users due to the rapid growth of the company

Why SAP Business One?

  • SAP Business One is a stable package that is the only one that facilitates price calculations per 1,000 units
  • The IT party that MLS supported with SAP in the first years started to focus more on technical development, therefore MLS looked for a new IT partner in 2019
  • MLS chose Amista because it focuses specifically on SMEs and offers good service

SAP Business One is the core of our business. It controls the entire ins and outs of our organization. And there is still a lot of room in the system. Amista is our lifeline for problems and a sounding board for further development.

Jürgen Priem, IT-manager


Purchasing, inventory and sales processes are controlled by the SAP Business One ERP package. Products are easily traceable in case of recalls, for example. Electronic communication through purchasing systems is also linked to SAP Business One. Thanks to efficient workflows, next-day delivery is possible if ordered before 3 pm.

With SAP upgrades, we see customization being increasingly replaced by standard processes in SAP. Amista, with in-depth knowledge of MLS and their business processes, plays a crucial role in this. Amista documents issues and teaches the IT team to resolve them independently in the future. In addition, Amista ensures that their systems meet new legal requirements.

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